Software & Tools

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Name & Description Number
Research Tool: Improved Electroporation Buffer for Enhanced Efficiency and Viability 05B141
Software: Improved Detection of Lung Function and Management of Lung Cancer Radio Therapy 10MA037N
Software: Method for Improving the Accuracy of Charged Particle Beam (High Energy Proton or Carbon Ion Beam) Radiotherapy 12MB072
Software: An Automated Mammographic Density Measure for Improved Breast Cancer Screening 13MA025
Software: BMT Research Analysis Information Network (BRAIN) 13MB053
Software: Decision Support Tool for Oncology Treatment using Mathematical Simulations 13MB073
Software: Real-time Visualization Software Enables Surgeons to “see-through” the patient and remove tumors more effectively 14MA004N
Software: A Quantitative Framework to Identify Radiation Targets for Cancer Treatment that Synergize with Immunotherapy 14MA022
Software: Negative Information Storage Model for Genomic Dat 15MA033
Copyright: Energize:mBC is a Web-based Program to Treat Fatigue in Metastatic Breast Cancer Patientsts 17MC003
Software: Deep Neural Network to Locate and Label Brain Tumors Enables Surgeons to Remove Tumors More Effectively 19MA019N