Board Members Share Lee Moffitt’s Singular Focus

Visualize a cadre of enthusiastic, talented community volunteers who dedicate their energy, time, expertise, and – in many cases – their personal financial resources to help make the world a better place. 

As this image materializes, what emerges is not an illusion but rather a tangible, vigorous corps of some 75 steadfast Moffitt Cancer Center Board members. Coming from differing backgrounds and walks of the community, they provide advice, counsel and oversight to help guide and grow the cancer center.

Their mission is that of Moffitt Cancer Center: “To contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.” And their approach lines up with Moffitt’s vision: “To transform cancer care through service, science and partnership.” 

The Florida Legislature created Moffitt to address the burden of cancer in Florida, and the Boards play an important role in the development and progress of the center. Since 1994 when Moffitt Cancer Center incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation under Florida Statute, the Board has been led by four chairs who each have played key roles in moving the cancer center forward. 

Under Ted Couch’s leadership, the foundation was laid for the growth of Moffitt’s research programs as the Moffitt Research Center opened and the center received its first National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant. During the years Sen. Connie Mack served as board chair, the campus expanded with the opening of a new outpatient clinic facility named the Muriel Rothman Building and a research facility named the Vincent A. Stabile Research Building. During Robert Rothman’s term, Moffitt’s scientific endeavors matured and new programs, including Integrated Mathematical Oncology and the Physical Sciences-Oncology Center emerged. Having served on the Board for the past 19 years, incoming Board Chair Timothy Adams has observed and been closely involved in Moffitt’s progress and anticipates additional progress as Moffitt Cancer Center is poised for growth into the next 30 years and beyond.

“The boards are critical to the success of the cancer center,” says David de la Parte, executive vice president, General Counsel at Moffitt. “Our boards play a critical role in the strategic direction and governance of the center. Always foremost in their minds is the fact that the cancer center is a public asset, and it is to be deployed in the interest of the public and the citizens of the state of Florida.”

Board Chairs Reflect On Center’s Triumphs And Future Challenges

Ted Couch“I would say that the highlight of my term as chairman was when Moffitt earned its National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support Grant in 1998. And then three years later the NCI bestowed the high honor of naming Moffitt an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center.

It has been and still is a privilege to work with the wonderful set of community leaders who were tuned into the Moffitt mission.”

-Ted Couch

Connie Mack“Throughout the time I was privileged to serve as Board Chair, the cancer center faced significant challenges and experienced much physical growth. We were especially encouraged when the Florida Legislature approved much-needed funding for the expansion of Moffitt Cancer Center facilities. Reflecting over Moffitt’s history, it has been moving to see how the Cancer Center has matured and moved to the forefront among its peers.”

- Senator Connie Mack

Robert Rothman“The scientific growth that has taken place at Moffitt has been nothing short of amazing. The importance of bringing the benefits of technology and scientific discoveries closer to the patient was exemplified in the development of a personalized approach to cancer care through Moffitt’s Total Cancer Care program.”

-Robert Rothman

Timothy Adams“It has been exciting to see how the cancer center has grown dramatically over the past years. In the coming years the future of scientific discovery and new treatments will be unrestrained as together we build on our strong foundation and remain committed to our mission.”

-Timothy J. Adams