Vol 1, Issue 2

Moffitt Momentum

Dr. List  

Letter from Moffitt President & CEO

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Evan Longoria  

Tampa Bay Rays 3rd baseman
Evan Longoria steps up

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Phil Jones  

CBS News correspondent
Phil Jones receives marrow
from U.S. Navy Lieutenant

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Vikki Pinkos  

Special Delivery: Moffitt nurse shares
her story of pregnancy, cancer survival

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Leon Leonel  

Former kickboxer lays
counterpunch on sarcoma

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Javier Torres-Roca  

Radiation oncologist and co-founder
of CvergenX has roots in music

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Brooke Bennett  

Olympic gold medalist
Brooke Bennett supports
Swim Across America 

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Mark Lloyd  

Scientist uses microscopy and
ecology to study cancer cells 

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