Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.




Progress in Oncology (PDF file: 20Kb)
John Horton, MB ChB, FACP


Lymphatic Mapping in Solid Neoplasms: State of the Art (CME)(PDF file: 144Kb)
Emmanuel E. Zervos, MD, and William E. Burak, Jr, MD
Impact of Age and Colony-Stimulating Factor Use on Hospital Length of Stay for Febrile Neutropenia in CHOP-Treated Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (CME) (PDF file: 136Kb)
Elizabeth Chrischilles, PhD, David J. Delgado, PhD, Bradley S. Stolshek, PharmD, Grant Lawless, MD, RPh, Moshe Fridman, PhD, and William B. Carter, PhD
Hypopituitarism in Childhood (CME) (PDF file: 284Kb)
Mitchell E. Geffner, MD

Microscopic Paraseptal Sphenoidotomy Approach for Pituitary Tumors (CME)(PDF file: 476Kb)
Frank D. Vrionis, MD, MPH, PhD, Donna Saatman, MD, Jeffrey Sorenson, MD, and Steven Brem, MD

Acromegaly: A New Therapy(CME) (PDF file: 84Kb)
Keith E. Friend, MD
Use of Complementary/Integrative Nutritional Therapies During Cancer Treatment: Implications in Clinical Practice (CME)(PDF file: 108Kb)
Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, FADA, Keandra Hopkins, Kathy Allen, RD, Diane Riccardi, RD, MPH, Karen Besterman-Dahan, MA, RD, and Susan Moyers, PhD, RD


Ten Best Readings on Hypothalamic-Pituitary Tumors (PDF file: 36Kb)
Mitchell E. Geffner, MD

Infections in Oncology: Fulminant Hepatic Failure Due to Disseminated Adenovirus Infection in a Patient With Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (PDF file: 132Kb)
Eric B. Haura, MD, Mark A. Winden, MD, Alan D. Proia, MD, PhD, and James F. Trotter, MD

Imaging in Oncology: Evaluation of Bone Metastases in Lung Cancer (PDF file: 52Kb)
Poonam Malhotra, MD, and Claudia G. Berman, MD

Pathology Update: Malignant Localized Fibrous Tumor of the Pleura (PDF file: 292Kb)
Leah B. Strickland-Marmol, MD, Andras Khoor, MD, Lary A. Robinson, MD, and Charles C. Williams, Jr, MD


The paintings featured in this issue were created by Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944), a Russian-born writer, educator, and artist who is generally regarded as one of the founders of abstract expressionism. His use of vibrant colors and unusual designs places Kandinsky among the artists whose work changed the history of art in the early years of the 20th century.

Waterfall in Kochel, 1900

Table of contents:
Improvisation V (Park), 1911
Oriental, 1909
Improvisation 26, 1912
Study for Winter II, 1910
Red Spot II, 1921
Round and Pointed, 1930