Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.




Guest Editorial: Issues in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sarcomas (PDF file: 29Kb)
G. Douglas Letson, MD


Radiographic Imaging of Musculoskeletal Neoplasia (PDF file: 715Kb)
Timothy G. Sanders, MD, and Theodore W. Parsons III, MD, FACS

Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Sarcomas and Related Tumors (PDF file: 647Kb)
William G. Ward, MD, Paul Savage, MD, Carol A. Boles, MD, and Scott E. Kilpatrick, MD D

Genetic and Molecular Abnormalities in Tumors of the Bone and Soft Tissues (PDF file: 180Kb)
G. Douglas Letson, MD, and Carlos A. Muro-Cacho, MD, PhD

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumors (PDF file: 621Kb)
Leah Strickland, MD, G. Douglas Letson, MD, and Carlos A. Muro-Cacho, MD, PhD
Unplanned Surgical Excision of Tumors of the Foot and Ankle (PDF file: 203Kb)
H. Thomas Temple, MD, David S. Worman, MD, and Walid A. Mnaymneh, MD
Hyperthermic Isolated Limb Perfusion for Extremity Sarcomas (PDF file: 258Kb)
Christina J. Kim, MD, Chris Puleo, PA-C, G. Douglas Letson, MD, and Douglas Reintgen, MD


Ten Best Readings on Sarcomas (PDF file: 46Kb)
G. Douglas Letson, MD

Imaging in Oncology: Well-Defined Hypodensity in the Liver (PDF file: 107Kb)
Marla R. Hersh, MD

Special Report: POEMS Syndrome — A Case Report and Discussion (PDF file: 239Kb)
N. Mullai, MD, J. Samuel, MD, S. Nukala, MD, S. Young, MD, and P. Arunkumar, MD


The artwork shown on the cover and above is by Adrienne Anderson.
Cover: Apparizone Capriccios: Controbilanciare, 1998. Pastel on rag paper, 60" x 40".

, 1999. Mixed media on linen, 5' x 6' (feet).
Giardino: Farfalla, 1997. Mixed media on linen, 24" x 72".
The Birth of Passion, 1995. Oil on canvas, 6' x 6' (feet).
Ideal, 1999. Mixed media on linen, 5' x 7' (feet).
Parallax View, 1999-2000. Mixed media on linen, 7' x 6' (feet).
Le Rêve Dérige, 1999-2000. Mixed media on linen, 5' x7' (feet).

About the art in this issue:

Born in Richmond, Virginia, Adrienne Anderson, the artist, is a distinguished faculty member of the American InterContinental University in Atlanta, Georgia, and Associate Professor of Art at Kennesaw State University. She combines theme and form to arrive at images that challenge viewers to create their unique responses. More of her art can be seen at the Fay Gold Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia (404-233-3843). Contact the artist at 1165 West Garmon Road NW, Atlanta, Georgia 30327 (404-256-9690).