Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

November / December 1998


Guest Editorial: Prostate Cancer -- Of Turtles, Birds, and Rabbits…
Julio Pow-Sang, MD


Clinical Applications of Radioimmunoscintigraphy With Prostate-Specific Antibodies for Prostate Cancer 
Michael J. Manyak, MD 

The Current Status of the Pathology of Prostate Cancer 
William M. Murphy, MD 

Circulating Prostate Cancer Cells Detected by Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR): What Do They Mean? 
Jose G. Moreno, MD, and Leonard G. Gomella, MD

Management of Hormone-Sensitive and Hormone-Refractory Metastatic Prostate Cancer 
Randall Rago, MD

The Current Status of Gene Therapy for Prostate Cancer 
Mohammad R. Nowroozi, MD, and Louis L. Pisters, MD


Cancer Economics: The Evolving Arena of Bone Marrow/Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Transplantation
Thomas A. Paivanas, MHSA, and Patricia J. Goldsmith

Imaging in Oncology: Prostate Cancer Imaging
Claudia G. Berman, MD, and Norman J. Brodsky, MD

Clinical Research Protocols for High-Dose Therapy

Ten Best Readings on Prostate Cancer
Julio Pow-Sang, MD

Pathology Update: The Role of Immunohistochemistry in the Diagnosis of Primary Tumors of the Bone
Carlos A. Muro-Cacho, MD, PhD



The artwork appearing on the Cancer Control Journal Index and appearing in each of the articles for this issue depict various ornamental tiles found in Córdoba, Argentina.  Photographed by Sergio Barbieri, these ancient tiles decorate domes, towers, castles, cathedrals, church spires - even the top borders of wells.  The most common sizes are 11 x 11 cm.  Discolored clay was covered with a white opaque varnish and then decorated with colors derived from metallic oxides.

Artwork featured on the index:  Santa Rosa 2229 (detail), Zaguán.  Inglaterra.  Fines S.XIX.

Artwork featured in each of the articles in this issue:

Alvear 129 (detail), Zaguán con escalera.  Fines S.XIX.
Cúpula de Santo Domingo (detail).  Francia (?), segunda mitad S.XIX.  Medidas: 13 x 13 cm.

Cúpula de Santo Domingo (detail).  Francia (Pas de Calais), segunda mitad S.XIX.  Medidas:  11 x 11 cm.

Parque Sarmiento (detail) (escalera de acceso por Av. Poeta Lugones).  Argentina, realizado entre 1936-1940.

Urquiza 1450 (detail), Zaguán.  Fines S.XIX.