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April 2017 | Volume 24, Number 2

Evolution of the Clinical Practice of Radiology in Cancer Care and Innovations in Diagnostic Imaging

Vol. 24, No. 2 – Evolution of the Clinical Practice of Radiology in Cancer Care and Innovations in Diagnostic Imaging (Full Issue PDF file: 13.1 MB)


Innovations in Diagnostic Imaging and the Transformation of the Clinical Practice of Radiology in Collaborative, Multidisciplinary Cancer Care (PDF 66 KB)
John A. Arrington, MD, Donald L. Klippenstein, MD, and Robert A. Gatenby, MD PhD

Finally, a Practical Approach to Value-Based Medicine (PDF 71 KB)
Lodovico Balducci, MD


Time Spent by Breast Imaging Radiologists to Perform Value-Added Activities at an Academic Cancer Center 
(PDF 206 KB)
  Fernando Collado-Mesa, MD, Geetika Klevos, MD, Kristopher Arheart, PhD, James Banks, MD, Monica Yepes, MD, and Jose Net, MD

Imaging Management of Breast Density, a Controversial Risk Factor for Breast Cancer (PDF 1 MB)
  Shannon Falcon, MD, Angela Williams, MD, R. Jared Weinfurtner, MD, and Jennifer S. Drukteinis, MD

Skeletal Scintigraphy (PDF 875 KB)
  Jaime L. Montilla-Soler, MD, and Rikesh Makanji, MD

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Oncology
(PDF 2.8 MB)
 Daniel Jeong, MD, Aarti Patel, MD, Christopher J. François, MD, Kenneth L. Gage, MD, PhD, and Michael G. Fradley, MD

Conventional Modalities and Novel, Emerging Imaging Techniques for Musculoskeletal Tumors (PDF 999 KB)
  Meera Raghavan, MD

Multimodal Imaging of Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma (PDF 752 KB)
  Kenneth L. Gage, MD, PhD, Kerry Thomas, MD, Daniel Jeong, MD, Dexter G. Stallworth, MD, and John A. Arrington, MD

Assessing Response of High-Grade Gliomas to Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors (PDF 3.8 MB)
 Solmaz Sahebjam, MD, Dexter G. Stallworth, MD, Sepideh Mokhtari, MD, Nam D. Tran, MD, PhD, and John A. Arrington, MD


Original research: Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Interventions to Reduce Risk of Aspiration in Elderly Cancer Survivors Residing in Skilled Nursing Facilities 
(PDF 157 KB)
S. Mantravadi, PhD, MS, MPH

Pharmacy Report: Fever in Patients With Cancer (PDF 143 KB)
Yanina Pasikhova, PharmD, Steven Ludlow, PharmD, and Aliyah Baluch, MD

Case Report: Primary Adrenal Angiosarcoma: A Rare and Potentially Misdiagnosed Tumor (PDF 518 KB)
Ariel Grajales-Cruz, MD, Francis Baco-Viera, MD, Ernesto Rivé-Mora, MD, Carlos Ramírez-Tanchez, MD, David Tasso, MD, Norma Arroyo-Portela, MD, Elizabeth Calderón, MD, Ilean Joan Padua-Octaviani, MD, and William Cáceres-Perkins, MD

Case Report: NUT Midline Carcinoma: A Rare Malignancy (PDF 598 KB)
Sameer Al Diffalha, MD, Nidal Al Aukla, MD, Saleh Hasan, Shohreh Dickinson, MD, and Farah Khalil, MD

Case Report: CD4-Positive T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytosis Mimicking Sézary Syndrome in a Patient With Mycosis Fungoides (PDF 1.5 MB)
Ling Zhang, MD, Magali Van den Bergh, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD


About the art in this issue:

Irena Orlov, an innovative, contemporary fine artist, architect, designer, illustrator, and photographer known for creating captivating works that are full of energy. Extraordinarily versatile in her mediums, Irena could never imagine life without art. She is an artist whose path in the fine arts has led her to a unique expression of mood and color. The combination of antique and a very clean, crisp, modern design sense creates a highly prized, individual art style. Her images begin spontaneously and give expression to personal creativity and insight. Each piece is unique in design. Irena often prefers to think of herself as a craftsman, constructing or interpreting imagery and messages from her conscious and subconscious mind. In addition to galleries, her art has appeared in major retail stores and catalogs, online shopping sites, fundraising catalogs, and has been licensed for wall art, calendars, home accessories, and bedding. Irena has lived in Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Canada, and now lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. For more information about Irena and to view additional artwork, please visit

Industrial feel 5694 (detail). Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".

Industrial feel 5693. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
World around you. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
Tiny asteroids. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
Inspiring moments 3. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
Industrial feel 5687. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
Industrial feel 5673. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".
Industrial feel 21. Digital on canvas, 40" × 60".