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October 2016 | Volume 23, Number 4

Disparities in Oncology

Vol. 23, No. 4 – Disparities in Oncology (Full Issue PDF file: 4.5 MB)

Letter From the Editor

Better Cancer Treatment for All (PDF 56 KB)
Lodovico Balducci, MD


Highlighting Health Disparities in Racial and Ethnic Minorities and Other Underserved Populations (PDF 94 KB)
Clement K. Gwede, PhD, RN, Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhD, and B. Lee Green, PhD


Barriers to Clinical Trial Enrollment in Racial and Ethnic Minority Patients With Cancer (PDF 402 KB)
  Lauren M. Hamel, PhD, Louis A. Penner, PhD, Terrance L. Albrecht, PhD, Elisabeth Heath, MD, Clement K. Gwede, PhD, RN, and Susan Eggly, PhD

Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Epidemiology and Genomics of Lung Cancer (PDF 235 KB)
  Matthew B. Schabath, PhD, W. Douglas Cress, PhD, and Teresita Muñoz-Antonia, PhD

Black Heterogeneity in Cancer Mortality: US-Blacks, Haitians, and Jamaicans (PDF 262 KB)
  Paulo S. Pinheiro, MD, PhD, Karen E. Callahan, MPH, Camille Ragin, PhD, MPH, Robert W. Hage, MD, PhD, DLO, MBA, Tara Hylton, MPH, and Erin N. Kobetz, PhD, MPH

Genomic Disparities in Breast Cancer Among Latinas
(PDF 358 KB)

  Filipa Lynce, MD, Kristi D. Graves, PhD, Lina Jandorf, MA, Charité Ricker, MS, Eida Castro, PsyD, Laura Moreno, Bianca Augusto, Laura Fejerman, PhD, and Susan T. Vadaparampil, PhD

Clinical Considerations of Risk, Incidence, and Outcomes of Breast Cancer in Sexual Minorities (PDF 226 KB)
  Anne E. Mattingly, MD, John V. Kiluk, MD, and M. Catherine Lee, MD

Construction and Validation of a Multi-Institutional Tissue Microarray of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma From Racially and Ethnically Diverse Populations (PDF 332 KB)
  Edward Seijo, MS, Diana Lima, MPH, Egiebade Iriabho, MS, Jonas Almeida, PhD, Jesus Monico, MPH, MS, Margarita Echeverri, PhD, Sylvia Gutierrez, MD, Idhaliz Flores, PhD, Ji-Hyun Lee, PhD, Kate Fisher, MA, William E. Grizzle, MD, PhD, Gabriel L. Sica, MD, PhD, Charles Butler, Chindo Hicks, PhD, Cathy D. Meade, PhD, RN, Stephen Olufemi Sodeke, PhD, Krzysztof Moroz, MD, Domenico Coppola, MD, and Teresita Muñoz-Antonia, PhD

Determinants of Treatment Delays Among Underserved Hispanics With Lung and Head and Neck Cancers 
(PDF 253 KB)
  Evelinn A. Borrayo, PhD, Katie L. Scott, PhD, Ava R. Drennen, PhD, Tiare MacDonald, PhD, and Jennifer Nguyen, MS

Geographical Factors Associated With Health Disparities in Prostate Cancer (PDF 1 MB)
  Scott M. Gilbert, MD, Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD, and Hong Xiao, PhD

Disparities in Penile Cancer (PDF 185 KB)
  Pranav Sharma, MD, Kamran Zargar-Shoshtari, MD, Curtis A. Pettaway, MD, Matthew B. Schabath, PhD, Anna R. Giuliano, PhD, and Philippe E. Spiess, MD

Chemoprevention in African American Men With Prostate Cancer (PDF 333 KB)
  Nagi B. Kumar, PhD, RD, Julio M. Pow-Sang, MD, Philippe E. Spiess, MD, Jong Y. Park, PhD, Ganna Chornokur, PhD, Andrew R. Leone, MD, and Catherine M. Phelan, PhD, MD

Disparities in Adolescents and Young Adults With Cancer (PDF 305 KB)
  Leidy L. Isenalumhe, MD, Olivia Fridgen, MPH, Lynda K. Beaupin, MD, Gwendolyn P. Quinn, PhD, and Damon R. Reed, MD

Tobacco-Related Health Disparities Across the Cancer Care Continuum (PDF 204 KB)
  Vani Nath Simmons, PhD, Bárbara Piñeiro, PhD, Monica Webb Hooper, PhD, Jhanelle E. Gray, MD, and Thomas H. Brandon, PhD


Case Series: Human Metapneumovirus Infection in Immunocompromised Patients (PDF 170 KB)
Sharmeen Samuel, MD, Sowmya Nanjappa, MBBS, MD, Christopher D. Cooper, MD, and John N. Greene, MD

Special Report: Systematic Review and Case Series Report of Acinar Cell Carcinoma of the Pancreas (PDF 390 KB)
Evan S. Glazer, MD, PhD, Kevin G. Neill, MD, Jessica M. Frakes, MD, Domenico Coppola, MD, Pamela J. Hodul, MD, Sara E. Hoffe, MD, Jose M. Pimiento, MD, Gregory M. Springett, MD, PhD, and Mokenge P. Malafa, MD, PhD

Special Report: A Single-Institution Study of Demographics and Outcomes of Adult Patients With Multiple Cancers (PDF 156 KB)
Thanh P. Ho, MD, Nathan R. Foster, MS, and Aminah Jatoi, MD

Ten Best Readings Related to Health Disparities in Oncology (PDF 75 KB)

Peer Reviewers, 2016 (PDF 150 KB)

Index for 2016, Volume 23 (PDF 106 KB)

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