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July 2016 | Volume 23, Number 3

Head and Neck Cancers


Vol. 23, No. 3 – Head and Neck Cancers (Full Issue PDF file: 5.3 MB)


Maximizing Cures and Preserving Function in Head and Neck Cancers
(PDF 56 KB)

Louis B. Harrison, MD, and Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD

Management of Oropharyngeal Cancer in the HPV Era
(PDF 266 KB)
Arash O. Naghavi, MD, Tobin J. Strom, MD, Kamran A. Ahmed, MD, Michelle I. Echevarria, MD, Yazan A. Abuodeh, MD, Puja S. Venkat, MD, Jessica M. Frakes, MD, Louis B. Harrison, MD, Andy M. Trotti, MD, and Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD

Definitive Radiotherapy for Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Glottic Larynx (PDF 260 KB)
William M. Mendenhall, MD, Roi Dagan, MD, Curtis M. Bryant, MD, Robert J. Amdur, MD, and Anthony A. Mancuso, MD

Clinical Benefits of Proton Beam Therapy for Tumors of the Skull Base (PDF 375 KB)
Kamran A. Ahmed, MD, Stephanie K. Demetriou, Mark McDonald, MD, and Peter A.S. Johnstone, MD

Management of BCC and SCC of the Head and Neck
(PDF 301 KB)
Tobin J. Strom, MD, Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD, and Louis B. Harrison, MD

Treatment of Head and Neck Paragangliomas
(PDF 576 KB)
Kenneth Hu, MD, and Mark S. Persky, MD

Multidisciplinary Management of Salivary Gland Cancers (PDF 184 KB)
Matthew J. Mifsud, MD, Jon N. Burton, MD, Andy M. Trotti, MD, and Tapan A. Padhya, MD



Pathology Report: Practical Issues for Retroperitoneal Sarcoma (PDF 627 KB)
Vicky Pham, MS, Evita Henderson-Jackson, MD, Matthew P. Doepker, MD, Jamie T. Caracciolo, MD, Ricardo J. Gonzalez, MD, Mihaela Druta, MD, Yi Ding, MD, and Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD

Infectious Diseases Report: Primary Gangrenous Cutaneous Mold Infections in a Patient With Cancer and Neutropenia (PDF 599 KB)
Abraham Yacoub, MD, Kiran K. Soni, Lysenia Mojica, MD, Jane Mai, MD, Jamie Morano, MD, C. Wayne Cruse, MD, Ramon L. Sandin, MD, Sowmya Nanjappa, MBBS, MD, Chandrashekar Bohra, MBBS, Ganesh Gajanan, MBBS, and John N. Greene, MD

Case Series: Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage in Acute Myeloid Leukemia
(PDF 565 KB)
Sowmya Nanjappa, MBBS, MD, Daniel K. Jeong, MD, Manjunath Muddaraju, MD, Katherine Jeong, MD, Eboné D. Hill, MD, and John N. Greene, MD

Case Series: Marijuana Smoking in Patients With Leukemia
(PDF 334 KB)
Sara Khwaja, MD, Abraham Yacoub, MD, Asima Cheema, MD, Nancy Rihana, MD, Robin Russo, MD, Ana Paula Velez, MD, Sowmya Nanjappa, MBBS, MD, Ramon L. Sandin, MD, Chandrashekar Bohra, MBBS, Ganesh Gajanan, MBBS, and John N. Greene, MD

Special Report: Platelet-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Use of NSAIDs During the Perioperative Period as Prognostic Indicators in Patients With NSCLC Undergoing Surgery (PDF 271 KB)
Brenda M. Lee, MD, Andrea Rodríguez, MD, Gabriel Mena, MD, Vijaya Gottumukkala, MB, MD, Reza J. Mehran, MD, David C. Rice, MB, Lei Feng, MS, Jun Yu, MS, and Juan P. Cata, MD

Special Report: Resection of the First Rib With Preservation of the T1 Nerve Root in Pancoast Tumors of the Lung (PDF 643 KB)
Andreas K. Filis, MD, Lary A. Robinson, MD, and Frank D. Vrionis, MD, PhD

Special Report: Feasibility, Preliminary Efficacy, and Lessons Learned From a Garden-Based Lifestyle Intervention for Cancer Survivors (PDF 219 KB)
Colleen K. Spees, PhD, RDN, Emily B. Hill, Elizabeth M. Grainger, PhD, RDN, Jackie L. Buell, PhD, RDN, Susan E. White, PhD, Matthew D. Kleinhenz, PhD, and Steven K. Clinton, MD, PhD

Special Report: Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Auditory Canal or Middle Ear Cancer (PDF 164 KB)
Taro Murai, MD, Shin-Etsu Kamata, MD, Kengo Sato, MD, Kouki Miura, MD, Mitsuhiro Inoue, Naoki Yokota, MD, Seiji Ohta, MD, Michio Iwabuchi, MD, Hiromitsu Iwata, MD, and Yuta Shibamoto, MD

Ten Best Readings Relating to Head and Neck Cancers (PDF 74 KB)

About the art in this issue:

Born in the year 1943 and raised in the United States, Arthur Spencer Pina de Alba has always been passionately involved in the arts. Upon completion of his studies at the top-rated Shaker Heights High School, Arthur was awarded the coveted “National Arts Award” in New York along with three Gold Key Awards. Having obtained a scholarship, Arthur continued his studies at the prestigious Chounard Academy, then to the California Institute of the Arts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. After college he established an all-encompassing fine arts production company. His multi-media enterprise provided business and to private parties design and large scale murals, sculptures, and trompe l’oeil,as well as illustrations and storyboards for the film industry. Arthur's endeavors also included album cover artwork art direction on such documentaries as Gravity is my Enemy and "Conquistadores" narrrated by Orson Welles. Through the movie industry he had as clients Desi Arnez Jr, and fashion designer Richard Blackwell. During his time in Los Angles Arthur held successful solo exhibitions at the Crest Gallery in Beverly Hills and the Ryder Gallery. Arthur desiring a change of culture, and driven to expand his horizons Arthur moved to Paris France where he immediately made his mark at the Academy Royal de Paris established by the family of Christofle, and A.P.S.D “Association des Peintres et Sculpteures de la Danse”. In Paris, Arthur became the Art Director for CLICK magazine devoted to fashion and photography. He also produced video clips and worked at the publicity department at Studio Puteaux. By appointment of the director of the “Ballet de Opera” in Paris was the only artist given the exceptional privilege to paint and sculpt Rudolf Nureyev and Patrick Dupont and the ballerinas and belletomes of the opera house. Arthur currently resides on the Cote d'Azur where he continues to paint and sculpt in bronze and other materials. He now paints on his Ipad and prints his work on special paper and canvas. Inspired by David Hockney and his Ipad art as seen at the Royal Academy of London. Arthur travels everywhere with his Ipad and paints throughout Europe. His past exibitions include “Gallery Christi Couderc” paris 5em, Gallery Michel de Kerdour, Juan les Pins, Galerie Gaberille Fligans, Monaco. Private collection of Prince Rainier of Monaco. He exhibits his work on Saatchi Gallery on line. For more information or to contact the artist visit

Cover and Articles: Artwork courtesy of Arthur Pina de Alba.