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January 2016 | Volume 23, Number 1

Regional Therapeutics


Vol. 23, No. 1 – Regional Therapeutics (Full Issue PDF file: 4.5 MB)


Art, Science, and Personalized Cancer Care Through Regional Therapeutics (PDF 65 KB)
Kristen Otto, MD, and Jonathan S. Zager, MD

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Recurrent Unresectable Head and Neck Cancers (PDF 227 KB)
Tobin Strom, MD, Christian Wishka, and Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD

Developments in Intralesional Therapy for Metastatic Melanoma (PDF 433 KB)
Sarah Sloot, MD, Omar M. Rashid, MD, JD, Amod A. Sarnaik, MD, and Jonathan S. Zager, MD

Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in the Management of Oligometastatic Disease (PDF 431 KB)
Kamran A. Ahmed, MD, and Javier F. Torres-Roca, MD

Local Ablation for Solid Tumor Liver Metastases: Techniques and Treatment Efficacy (PDF 234 KB)
Joyce Wong, MD, and Amanda Cooper, MD

Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy and Cytoreductive Surgery in the Management of Peritoneal Carcinomatosis (PDF 404 KB)
Rahul Rajeev, MBBS, and Kiran K. Turaga, MD


Disparities Report: Racial Disparity in Time Between First Diagnosis and Initial Treatment of Prostate Cancer (PDF 151 KB)
Ballington L. Kinlock, PhD, Roland J. Thorpe Jr, PhD, Daniel L. Howard, PhD, Janice V. Bowie, PhD, Louie E. Ross, PhD, David O. Fakunle, and Thomas A. LaVeist, PhD

Disparities Report: Exploring the Perceptions of Anal Cancer Screening and Behaviors Among Gay and Bisexual Men Infected With HIV (PDF 185 KB)
Alexis M. Koskan, PhD, Natalie LeBlanc, MPH, and Isabella Rosa-Cunha, MD

Case Report: Hyperuricemia in 2 Patients Receiving Palbociclib for Breast Cancer 
(PDF 91 KB)
David J. Bromberg, MD, Mauricio Valenzuela, MD, Sowmya Nanjappa, MD, and Smitha Pabbathi, MD

Special Report: Genetic Investigation of Uterine Carcinosarcoma: Case Report and Cohort Analysis (PDF 1.4 MB)
Timothy N. Hembree, DO, PhD, Jamie K. Teer, PhD, Ardeshir Hakam, MD, and Alberto A. Chiappori, MD

Special Report: Advances in the Endoscopic Diagnosis of Barrett Esophagus 
(PDF 500 KB)
Ashley H. Davis-Yadley, MD, Kevin G. Neill, MD, Mokenge P. Malafa, MD, and Luis R. Peña, MD

Special Report: Association of microRNA 21 With Biological Features and Prognosis of Neuroblastoma (PDF 544 KB)
Yaodong Zhou, MD, and Bo Sheng, MD

Ten Best Readings Relating to Regional Therapies (PDF 68 KB)

About the art in this issue:

Dina Potter is a contemporary abstract artist based in Seattle, Washington. Her artistic inclinations have driven her since childhood to pursue an education and career in the arts, and she has continued to seek out her artistic passions in design, creation, and painting. Inspiration for her art comes from music, sounds, nature, and the visuals of everyday life. Ms Potter seeks to create the illusion of depth, bold movement, and rhythmic-flowing pattern, exaggerating and abstracting those images and making them her own in each of her creations. Her art has been showcased in numerous exhibits, art walks, and galleries, and has been placed in commercial and residential permanent installations. She also volunteers as an art docent instructor to elementary-level students, and enjoys spending time with her family, trail running, and gardening in her beautiful Pacific Northwest backyard. Learn more about Ms Potter and her work at

Cover: Ghost Tree. Acrylic on canvas. 60" × 48".
Articles: Branchings. Acrylic on canvas. 48" × 60".
Sunny Tree. Acrylic on canvas. 48" × 60".
Winter. Acrylic on canvas. Acrylic on board. 16" × 20".
Tunnel of Trees – Gold. Acrylic on board. 16" × 20".
Tunnel of Trees – Green. Acrylic on board. 16" × 20"."