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October 2014 | Volume 21, Number 4

Rare Lymphoproliferative and Histiocytic Diseases


Vol. 21, No. 4 – Rare Lymphoproliferative and Histiocytic Diseases (Full Issue PDF file: 3.5 MB)


Hope for Orphan Lymphoproliferative and Histocytic Diseases on the Horizon? (PDF file: 117 KB)
Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD


Diagnosis and Management of Castleman Disease (PDF file: 524 KB)
Jacob D. Soumerai, MD, Aliyah R. Sohani, MD, and Jeremy S. Abramson, MD

Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm: Update on Molecular Biology, Diagnosis, and Therapy (PDF file: 440 KB)
Wasif Riaz, MD, Ling Zhang, MD, Pedro Horna, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD

Dendritic Cell and Histiocytic Neoplasms: Biology, Diagnosis, and Treatment (PDF file: 546 KB)
Samir Dalia, MD, Haipeng Shao, MD, PhD, Elizabeth Sagatys, MD, Hernani Cualing, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD

Hereditary and Acquired Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (PDF file: 455 KB)
Ling Zhang, MD, Jun Zhou, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD

Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Management of Kikuchi–Fujimoto Disease (PDF file: 316 KB)
Darcie Deaver, PhD, Pedro Horna, MD, Hernani Cualing, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD

Rosai–Dorfman Disease: Tumor Biology, Clinical Features,Pathology, and Treatment (PDF file: 235 KB)
Samir Dalia, MD, Elizabeth Sagatys, MD, Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD, and Timothy Kubal, MD

Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (PDF file: 252 KB)
Nanette Grana, MD

Transplantation in Rare Lymphoproliferative and Histiocytic Disorders (PDF file: 252 KB)
Alexis Cruz-Chacon, MD, John Mathews, MD, and Ernesto Ayala, MD


Special Report: Social Determinants of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Cutaneous Melanoma Outcomes (PDF file: 233 KB)
Valerie M. Harvey, MD, Hitesh Patel, MS, MBA, Sophia Sandhu, MD, Sherrie Flynt Wallington, PhD, and Ginette Hinds, MD

Special Report: Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Jordanians: Results From a Case-Control Study of Colorectal Cancer (PDF file: 403 KB)
Reema F. Tayyem, PhD, Ihab Shehadah, MD, Suhad S. Abu-Mweis, PhD, Hiba A. Bawadi, PhD, Kamal E. Bani-Hani, MD, PhD, Tareq Al-Jaberi, MD, PhD, Majed Al-Nusairr, MD, and Dennis D. Heath, MS

Ten Best Readings Relating to Rare Lymphoproliferative and Histiocytic Diseases (PDF file: 121 KB)

Index for 2014, Volume 21 (PDF file: 233 KB)

Peer Reviewers, 2014 (PDF file: 133 KB)

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Sherri Damlo has been a professional medical editor for nearly a decade. Currently, she runs Damlo Edits, a small editing business, and is the medical copy editor for Cancer Control. She became interested in photography as a hobby when she moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2008. Ever since she was a young girl she has always had her nose pointed toward the ground to discover the specimens of nature that many people tend to overlook. Her collection in this issue reflects this same ecological obsession, including photographs of fungi, gastropods, and insects. She also is intrigued about the way in which nature reclaims objects, so she has always been attracted to ruins and places lost
to time. Sherri loves to travel, and she never leaves home without her camera. More of her work can be seen at,, and on the stock image site, Getty Images.

Cupped Mushrooms

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Gum Drop Mushrooms
Eye of a Dandelion
Mushroom Biome
Snail on Moss
Net-Wing Beetle
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