Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

January 2011



Ovarian Cancer: A Bright Future (PDF file: 25 KB)
Robert M. Wenham, MD, FACOG, FACS


Microarray-Based Gene Expression Studies in Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 135 KB)
Hye Sook Chon, MD, and Johnathan M. Lancaster, MD, PhD

Screening for Ovarian Cancer (PDF: 61 KB)
Janiel Marie Cragun, MD

The Role of Surgery in the Management of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 78 KB)
Ingrid Ramirez, MD, Hye Sook Chon, MD, and Sachin M. Apte, MD, MS

Antiangiogenic Therapies in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 250 KB)
Deanna G. K. Teoh, MD, and Angeles Alvarez Secord, MD

Current and Future Directions of Clinical Trials for Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 213 KB)
Ginger J. Gardner, MD, and Elizabeth L. Jewell, MD

Quality of Life in Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 66 KB)
Kassondra S. Grzankowski, MD, and Michael Carney, MD

A Review of Cost-Effectiveness Studies in Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 66KB)
Gregory P. Sfakianos, MD, and Laura J. Havrilesky, MD, MHSc


Special Report
An Examination of Educational Gaps in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndromes (PDF file: 74KB)
Jamile M. Shammo, MD, FASCP, FACP, James M. Foran, MD, FRCPC, Alice Houk, RN, BSN, James Epstein, MD, Mohit Narang, MD, Pesha Rubinstein, CCMEP, Betsy Dennison, MS, RN, FNP, Joan M. Latsko, MSN, CRNP, OCN, AOCNP, and Gourishankar Naganna, MD

Ten Best Readings Relating to Ovarian Cancer (PDF file: 20KB)


About the art in this issue:
The paintings of folk artist Janet L. Munro tell a story of American life. She describes her unpretentious paintings as canvasses that depict “pictorial history” with a message, one that is actually read by the viewer, like a page in a book. With a noted focus on the waterfront lives of everyday people, her favorite subjects include the New England area, factory towns along the Eastern coast, the Hudson River, and her native Massachusetts. Whether painting a bustling town street or a quiet bayside, she strives for simplicity and realism.

Munro’s paintings are represented worldwide in galleries, museums, private collections, and publications, including the Smithsonian Institution and the White House. She and her family reside in Hyannis, Massachusetts. Additional information about her paintings and exhibitions is available at

March Twilight on Cape Cod. Mixed media on canvas, 24″ × 18″.

Table of Contents:
Buzzard’s Bay, Cape Cod. Mixed media on canvas, 12″ × 24″.
Salt Water Farm. Mixed media on canvas, 16″ × 20″.
Arctic Whalers. Mixed media on canvas, 24″ × 36″.
Summer on Cape Cod. Mixed media on canvas, 16″ × 20″.
Sandy Neck Light House, Cape Cod. Mixed media on canvas, 18″ × 24″.
Low Tide on Easy Street, Nantucket. Mixed media on canvas, 18″ × 24″.
Sheep Farm in Winter. Mixed media on canvas, 24″ × 48″.