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This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

July 2010



The “Molecular” Buzz in Breast Cancer (PDF file: 40 KB)
Christine Laronga, MD, FACS


Molecular and Functional Imaging of Breast Cancer (PDF file: 488 KB)
Narges K. Tafreshi, PhD, Virendra Kumar, PhD, David L. Morse, PhD, and Robert A. Gatenby, MD

Elastography for the Characterization of Breast Lesions: Initial Clinical Experience (PDF file: 452 KB)
Todd R. Kumm, MD, and Margaret M. Szabunio, MD, FACR

Fertility and Reproductive Considerations in Premenopausal Patients With Breast Cancer (PDF file: 280 KB)
M. Catherine Lee, MD, Jhanelle Gray, MD, Hyo Sook Han, MD, and Shayne Plosker, MD

A Review of Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (PDF file: 164 KB)
Roohi Ismail-Khan, MD, and Marilyn M. Bui, MD, PhD

Gene Expression Profiling in Breast Cancer (PDF file: 120 KB)
Kiran Turaga, MD, MPH, Geza Acs, MD, PhD, and Christine Laronga, MD, FACS

Developing an Effective Breast Cancer Vaccine (PDF file: 192 KB)
Hatem Soliman, MD

Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: Potential Roles Following Breast-Conserving Surgery (PDF file: 164 KB)
Matthew C. Biagioli, MD, MS, and Eleanor E.R. Harris, MD


Ten Best Readings Relating to Breast Cancer (PDF file: 52KB)
Christine Laronga, MD, FACS

Cancer Control recently published an article in the April 2010, Vol. 17, No. 2 issue titled, Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Liver Metastases and Primary Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Normal Tissue Tolerances and Toxicity, by Stephen M. Sawrie, MD, PhD, John B. Fiveash, MD, and Jimmy J. Caudell, MD, PhD.

In Table 2 of this article, the right kidney dose-volume constraints from the papers by Schefter et al and Kavanagh et al were reported incorrectly as V15 < 67%.

The correct dose-volume constraints for the right kidney as reported in these trials is V15 < 33%.


About the art in this issue:

Nick Patten grew up in Troy, New York. Aft
er receiving a degree in Fine Arts, he moved to New York City, where he studied drawing and painting. Eventually, he decided to paint full time. Today he lives in New York’s Hudson valley, where he now paints in a private studio. His work has been featured in many exhibits, juried shows, publications, and public collections, including the New York Public Library. His realistic paintings convey a quiet drama to everyday scenes.

The artwork featured in this issue has been provided courtesy of The Harrison Gallery in Massachusetts. More information about the artist and additional artwork is available at

The Study (detail). Oil on panel, 14″ × 11″.

Table of Contents:
Hallway With Bench (detail). Oil on panel, 11″ × 14″.
Hobnail at Night (detail). Oil on panel, 36″ × 36″.
Intuition (detail). Oil on panel, 40″ × 36″.
Last Light (detail). Oil on canvas, 44″ × 56″.
Martha (detail). Oil on panel, 22″ × 28″.
Under the Cupboard (detail). Oil on panel, 24″ × 36″.
Passing Light (detail). Oil on panel, 14″ × 11″.