Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

January 2010



Colorectal Cancer: Perspectives on Treatment, Survivorship, and Outcomes (PDF file: 36 KB) 
David Shibata, MD


Current Progress in Targeted Therapy for Colorectal Cancer (PDF file: 124 KB)
Jose Ortega, MD, Carlos E. Vigil, MD, and Catherine Chodkiewicz, MD

An Update on Laparoscopic Resection for Rectal Cancer (PDF file: 104 KB) 
David Row, MD, and Martin R. Weiser, MD, FACS

Radiation Therapy for Rectal Cancer: Current Status and Future Directions (PDF file: 304 KB) 
Sarah E. Hoffe, MD, Ravi Shridhar, MD, PhD, and Matthew C. Biagioli, MD

Improving Survivorship Care for Patients With Colorectal Cancer (PDF file: 680 KB) 
Leigh Anne Faul, PhD, David Shibata, MD, Ione Townsend, ARNP, and Paul B. Jacobsen, PhD

Sexual Function in Colorectal Cancer Survivors (PDF file: 104 KB) 
Kristine A. Donovan, PhD, Lora M. A. Thompson, PhD, and Sarah E. Hoffe, MD

The Effects of Obesity and Obesity-Related Conditions on Colorectal Cancer Prognosis (PDF file: 104 KB) 
Erin M. Siegel, PhD, MPH, Cornelia M. Ulrich, PhD, Elizabeth M. Poole, PhD, Rebecca S. Holmes, MD, MPH, Paul B. Jacobsen, PhD, and David Shibata, MD

Special Report

The False Discovery Rate: A Key Concept in Large-Scale Genetic Studies (PDF file: 88 KB) 
James J. Chen, PhD, Paula K. Roberson, PhD, and Michael J. Schell, PhD


About the art in this issue:

Mark Davis was born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1954. He attended Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, and worked initially as a jeweler, specializing in sterling silver and brass. From 1988–1995 he was commissioned twice a year to create mobiles and sculptures for window displays in New York City at Tiffany’s on 5th Avenue, in SoHo, and on Madison Avenue.

He has continued to make mobiles and sculptures since that time. His work was initially inspired by Alexander Calder. He began making mobiles while he was a teenager and created jewelry that was influenced by Calder’s designs. His work also shows the influence of Joan Miro, with its light curved forms often painted bright colors.

The artwork of Mark Davis has been collected by the Lexus Corporation, Liberty Mutual Corporation, Rose Museum, Brandeis University, Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards, Richard Chamberlain, Howard Stern, and Garry Trudeau. The artwork featured in this issue has been provided courtesy of Pucker Gallery in cooperation with Harrison Gallery. More information about the artist and additional artwork is available at

Lariat, MD452. 12″ × 9″ × 9″.

Table of Contents:
A Garden Here on Earth, MD479. 20″ × 36″ × 15″.
The Liberation of Isis, MD477. 16″ × 45″ × 10″.
Fly Away Dove, MD461. 20″ × 42″ × 15″.
Towards Nightfall, MD460. 25″ × 44″ × 16″.
Gracious Offerings, MD385. 18″ × 38″ × 18″.
A Day at the Shore, MD429. 21″ × 45″ × 13″.