Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

July 2009


Melanoma: Promising New Discoveries and Treatment Modalities for Difficult Clinical Scenarios: Part II (PDF file: 40 KB)  
Jonathan S. Zager, MD, FACS, and Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD


Epigenetics in Human Melanoma (PDF file: 176 KB)  
Paul M. Howell, Jr, BS, Suhu Liu, MD, PhD, Suping Ren, MD, PhD, Campbell Behlen, BS, Oystein Fodstad, MD, PhD, and Adam I. Riker, MD, FACS

Tumor Biomarkers in Melanoma (PDF file: 100 KB)  
Selma Ugurel, MD, Jochen Utikal, MD, and Jürgen C. Becker, MD, PhD

Pediatric Melanoma: A Review (PDF file: 356 KB)  
Omie Mills, MD, and Jane L. Messina, MD

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy for Melanoma: Indications and Rationale (PDF file: 100 KB)  
Giao Q. Phan, MD, Jane L. Messina, MD, Vernon K. Sondak, MD, and Jonathan S. Zager, MD, FACS

Limiting the Morbidity of Inguinal Lymphadenectomy for Metastatic Melanoma (PDF file: 640 KB)  
Amod A. Sarnaik, MD, Christopher A. Puleo, PA-C, Jonathan S. Zager, MD, FACS, and Vernon K. Sondak, MD

Diagnosis and Treatment of Melanoma Brain Metastasis: A Literature Review (PDF file: 128 KB)  
Andrew E. Sloan, MD, FACS, Charles J. Nock, MD, and Douglas B. Einstein, MD, PhD


Cancer, Culture and Literacy

The Use of Sociocultural Constructs in Cancer Screening Research Among African Americans (PDF file: 164 KB)  
Anjali D. Deshpande, PhD, MPH, Vetta L. Sanders Thompson, PhD, Kimberlee P. Vaughn, MA, and Matthew W. Kreuter, PhD, MPH

Research by Fellows (PDF file: 56 KB)  

Book Reviews (PDF file: 52 KB)  

Selected Clinical Research Protocols Relating to Melanoma (PDF file: 40 KB)  

Ten Best Readings Relating to Melanoma (PDF file: 46 KB)  
Jonathan S. Zager, MD, FACS, and Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD



About the art in this issue:

As a child growing up in the Australian bush, Catherine Hickson was sketching and painting when she was not riding her horses or working with her father. At school she was guided into a more academic world. Despite pursuing a career in journalism and publishing, her creative side was always active. Ten years ago, after seeing the Chardin paintings in the Louvre, she realized it was time to pursue painting. She studied historical oil painting for three years at the Charlie Sheard Studio School in Sydney, Australia. Deeply inspired by the great Italian painters of the 16th and 17th centuries, she formed her own painting practice.

Her most recent still life exhibition studied the slow, changing colors and tones of ripening fruits. As the colors of the subjects soften and deepen, the opaque and transparent pigments soften and deepen with artistic response. This slow, sensual process allows the artist to be truly present in every moment of the work. Contact Catherine through her gallery at Maunsell Wickes at Barry Stern Galleries, 19 Glenmore Road, Paddington NSW 2021, Sydney Australia (, or via e-mail:

Pears in Indian Yellow. Oil on Belgian linen, 123″ × 77″.

Table of Contents:
Apples in Cinnibar Green. Oil on Belgian linen, 120″ × 120″.
Apples in Golden Barok Red. Oil on Belgian linen, 76″ × 121″.
Morning Table. Oil on Belgian linen, 123″ × 183″.
Figs in Alizarin Crimson. Oil on Belgian linen, 60″ × 90″.
Apples in Venetian Red. Oil on Belgian linen, 60″ × 90″.
Quinces in Naples Yellow. Oil on Belgian linen, 123″ × 183″.