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This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

July 2008


Melanoma – Promising New Discoveries and Treatment Modalities for Difficult Clinical Scenarios(PDF file: 48 KB)
Jonathan S. Zager, MD, and Adil I. Daud, MD


Activated Stat-3 in Melanoma (PDF file: 544 KB)
Jane L. Messina, MD, Hua Yu, PhD, Adam I. Riker, MD, FACS, Pamela N. Munster, MD, Richard L. Jove, PhD, and Adil I. Daud, MD

The Impact of Genomics in Understanding Human Melanoma Progression and Metastasis (PDF file: 236 KB)
Suping Ren, MD, PhD, Suhu Liu, MD, PhD, Paul Howell, Jr, BS, Yaguang Xi, MD, Steven A. Enkemann, MS, PhD, Jingfang Ju, PhD, and Adam I. Riker, MD, FACS

Surgical Management of Melanoma In Situ on Chronically Sun-Damaged Skin (PDF file: 500 KB)
Graham S. Clark, MD, Effie C. Pappas-Politis, MD, Basil S. Cherpelis, MD, Jane L. Messina, MD, Mecker G. Möller, MD, C. Wayne Cruse, MD, and L. Frank Glass, MD

Therapy for Unresectable Recurrent and In-Transit Extremity Melanoma (PDF file: 188 KB)
Mark I. Gimbel, MD, Keith A. Delman, MD, and Jonathan S. Zager, MD

Radiation Therapy as Primary and Adjuvant Treatment for Local and Regional Melanoma (PDF file: 120 KB)
Lawrence B. Berk, MD, PhD

Treatment Options for Limited or Symptomatic Metastatic Melanoma (PDF file: 128 KB)
James M. McLoughlin, MD, Jonathan S. Zager, MD, Vernon K. Sondak, MD, and Lawrence B. Berk, MD, PhD

Melanoma in Hispanic and Black Americans (PDF file: 100 KB)
Panta Rouhani, MPH, Shasa Hu, MD, and Robert S. Kirsner, MD, PhD


Cancer, Culture and Literacy

Establishing a Patient Navigator Program to Reduce Cancer Disparities in the American Indian Communities of Western South Dakota: Initial Observations and Results (PDF file: 128 KB)
Daniel G. Petereit, MD, Kevin Molloy, RN, Mary L. Reiner, BA, CCRP, Petra Helbig, Dipl-Psych, Kristin Cina, BS, Raylene Miner, Caroline Spotted Tail, Catherine Rost, PatriciaConroy, and Chester R. Roberts, PhD

Establishing Trusting Partnerships for Successful Recruitment of American Indians to Clinical Trials (PDF file: 196 KB)
Daniel G. Petereit, MD, and Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, CHES

Selected Clinical Research Protocols Relating to Melanoma (PDF file: 40 KB)

Ten Best Readings Relating to Melanoma (PDF file: 48 KB)
Jonathan S. Zager, MD, and Adil I. Daud, MD


About the art in this issue:

The photographs presented in this issue were taken by Michele Sassi in the fall of 2007. Ms. Sassi has served as the art consultant for Cancer Control for the past 12 years. Prior to her work for the journal, she was a freelance photographer for a photo stock agency in New York. She also has had several one-woman photography exhibits in New England.

Faces of Rajasthan, India, #1.

Table of Contents:
Faces of Rajasthan, India, #2.
Animal Market Day in Rajasthan, India.
The Desert of Rajasthan, India.
Tribal Face of Rajasthan, India.
Grinding the Sesame Seeds, Rajasthan, India.
Faces of Rajasthan, India, #3.
Sunset in the Desert, Rajasthan, India.