Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.

April 2007


T/NK-Cell Lymphomas/Leukemias: Shedding New Light on These Rare Diseases (PDF file: 40 KB)
Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD, and L. Frank Glass, MD


The Role of an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center in Fostering Basic and Translational Research of Rare Hematologic Disorders (PDF file: 48 KB)          
Eduardo M. Sotomayor, MD


The Diagnosis, Staging, and Treatment Options for Mycosis Fungoides (CME) (PDF file: 332 KB)
Connie A. Keehn, MD, Iriana P. Belongie, MD, Galina Shistik, MD, Neil A. Fenske, MD, and L. Frank Glass, MD

Classification and Treatment of Rare and Aggressive Types of Peripheral T-Cell/Natural Killer-Cell Lymphomas of the Skin (CME) (PDF file: 584 KB)        
Dorna Rezania, MD, Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD, and Hernani D. Cualing, MD

Need for an Improved Molecular/Genetic Classification for CD30+ Lymphomas Involving the Skin (CME) (PDF file: 348 KB)
Claudia Droc, MD, Hernani D. Cualing, MD, and Marshall E. Kadin, MD

Human T-Cell Leukemia Virus Type I Induces Adult T-Cell Leukemia: From Clinical Aspects to Molecular Mechanisms (CME) (PDF file: 188 KB)
Jun-ichirou Yasunaga, MD, PhD, and Masao Matsuoka, MD, PhD

Diseases of Large Granular Lymphocytes  (CME) (PDF file: 220 KB)
Todd J. Alekshun, MD, and Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD

The Diagnosis, Management, and Role of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation in Aggressive Peripheral T-Cell Neoplasms (CME) (PDF file: 344 KB)
Dorna Rezania, MD, Hernani D. Cualing, MD, and Ernesto Ayala, MD

Evidence-Based Medicine for Rare Diseases: Implications for Data Interpretation and Clinical Trial Design (CME) (PDF file: 160 KB)            
Madhusmita Behera, MS, Ambuj Kumar, MD, MPH, Heloisa P. Soares, MD, Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD, and Benjamin Djulbegovic, MD, PhD


Cancer, Culture and Literacy

Physician and Staff Perceptions of Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening in Appalachian Kentucky (CME) (PDF file: 164 KB)    
Kimberly M. Kelly, PhD, MS, Clarenda M. Phillips, PhD, Crystal Jenkins, MPH, Gretchen Norling, PhD, Carol White, MPH, Todd Jenkins, MPH, Debra Armstrong, MPA, MSW, Joe Petrik, MA, MSc, Amy Steinkuhl, MA, Regina Washington, MA, and Mark Dignan, PhD, MPH

Low-Income Women With Breast Abnormalities: System Predictors of Timely Diagnostic Resolution (CME) (PDF file: 148 KB)
Cynthia M. Mojica, PhD, MPH, Roshan Bastani, PhD, W. John Boscardin, PhD, and Ninez A. Ponce, MPP, PhD

Caregiver Role Stress:  When Families Become Providers (CME) (PDF file: 172 KB)
Bonnie Teschendorf, PhD, Carolyn Schwartz, ScD, Carol Estwing Ferrans, PhD, RN, FAAN, Ann O’Mara, PhD, RN, Paul Novotny, MS, and Jeff Sloan, PhD

Selected Clinical Research Protocols Relating to T/NK-Cell Lymphomas and Leukemias (PDF file: 44 KB)

Ten Best Readings Relating to T/NK-Cell Lymphomas and Leukemias (PDF file: 48 KB)
Lubomir Sokol, MD, PhD, and L. Frank Glass, MD


About the art in this issue:

The paintings of Alexey Bobylev, a Russian-born artist, are rich in color and complexity. His early talent for drawing led him to the Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad, where he earned the silver medal in 1956. Among his artistic achievements is work on the restoration of historic monuments. He is highly skilled in fresco, oil, and tempera painting, watercolor, pastel and miniature, and painting on porcelain, textile, and wood. Bobylev’s masterful use of color is seen in mid-Russian landscapes, seascapes, and still-life subjects. From 1993 to the present, his work has been featured in several international exhibitions, including locations in Washington, DC, Paris, Brussels, Cannes, Milan, and Amsterdam, as well as a 2006 solo exhibition in Moscow’s Exhibition Hall. His work is currently on display at the St. Petersburg Art Salon, one of the city’s oldest galleries. The gallery is located at 93 Moika Embankment, St. Isaak Square, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia. Telephone: +7 812 117-4260 or +7 812 273-6474. E-mail: Web site:

Spring Time, 2003 (detail). Oil on canvas, 64 × 79.5 cm.

Table of Contents:
Country Fishermen, 2003. Oil on canvas, 70 × 80 cm.
Hillock, 2006. Oil on canvas, 80 × 101 cm.
Summer Evening, 2006 (detail). Oil on canvas, 57 × 138 cm.
Spring, 2003. Oil on canvas, 61 × 91.5 cm.
Shuya River, 2002. Oil on canvas, 55 × 75 cm.
Autumn Overture, 2005. Oil mounted on cardboard, 50 × 70 cm.
Creek of Inspiration, 2004. Oil on canvas, 50 × 70 cm.