Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.


Supplement to
Cancer Control: Journal of the Moffitt Cancer Center

This supplement was supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute. Grant Number CA 90654. Cathy D. Meade, PhD, RN, FAAN, Principal Investigator.



Cancer, Culture and Literacy: Critical Next Steps in Improving Care for Diverse Populations (PDF file: 44Kb)
Cathy D. Meade, PhD, RN, FAAN



Understanding Quality-of-Life Issues in Chinese Women With Breast Cancer: A Qualitative Investigation (PDF file: 100Kb)
Evaon Wong-Kim, PhD, MPH, MSW, Angela Sun, MPH, Joseph R. Merighi, MSW, PhD, and Edward A. Chow, MD

Readiness and Capacity of Librarians in Public Libraries to Implement a Breast Cancer Outreach and Screening Campaign in Medically Underserved Communities (PDF file: 144Kb)
Elliott J. Goytia, MD, Bruce Rapkin, PhD, Elisa S. Weiss, PhD, David Golub, Vivian Guzman, Maureen O’Connor, MLS, and the New York Health Literacy Task Force
Acculturation and Mammography Screening Among Hispanic Women Living in Farmworker Communities (PDF file: 100Kb)
Richard C. Palmer, DrPH, Maria E. Fernandez, PhD, Guillermo Tortolero-Luna, MD, PhD, Alicia Gonzales, MSSW, and Patricia Dolan Mullen, DrPH
A Comparison of Two Native American Navigator Formats: Face-to-Face and Telephone (PDF file: 156Kb)
Mark B. Dignan, PhD, MPH, Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, Judy Hariton, Lisa Harjo, MS, Terri Rattler, BS, Rose Lee, BS, and Mondi Mason, PhD, MPH
A Culturally Targeted Intervention to Promote Breast Cancer Screening Among Low-Income Women in East Baltimore, Maryland (PDF file: 148Kb)
Mary A. Garza, PhD, MPH, Jingyu Luan, PhD, Marcela Blinka, MSW, Reverend Iris Farabee-Lewis, DD, Charlotte E. Neuhaus, MHS, James R. Zabora, ScD, MSW, and Jean G. Ford, MD
Cervical Cancer Educational Pamphlets: Do They Miss the Mark for Mexican Immigrant Women’s Needs? (PDF file: 116Kb)
Jennifer L. Hunter, PhD, RN
Race/Ethnicity, Smoking Status, and Self-Generated Expected Outcomes From Smoking Among Adolescents (PDF file: 128Kb)
Jennifer Irvin Vidrine, PhD, Cheryl B. Anderson, PhD, Kathryn I. Pollak, PhD, and David W. Wetter, PhD
A Review of Breast, Cervical and Colorectal Cancer Screening Interventions in Older Women (PDF file: 120Kb)
Janice V. Bowie, PhD, Barbara A. Curbow, PhD, Mary A. Garza, PhD, Erin K. Dreyling, BA, Lisa A. Benz Scott, PhD, MS, and Karen A. McDonnell, PhD
Lessons Learned From Community-Based Participatory Research in Indian Country (PDF file: 136Kb)
Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, Suzanne Christopher, PhD, and Sr Ann Schumacher, MD
Repeat Mammography Screening Among Low-Income and Minority Women: A Qualitative Study (PDF file: 108Kb)
Maria E. Fernandez, PhD, Richard C. Palmer, DrPH, and Cindy A. Leong-Wu, MPH
The Role of Religiosity in Dietary Beliefs and Behaviors Among Urban African American Women (PDF file: 128Kb)
Cheryl L. Holt, PhD, Debra L. Haire-Joshu, PhD, Susan N. Lukwago, PhD, RD, LD, Laura A. Lewellyn, MA, and Matthew W. Kreuter, PhD, MPH


Categorizing Race Among Hispanic Smokers (PDF file: 52Kb)
Patricia Daza, PhD, Carlos Mazas, PhD, Lynne Nguyen, MPH, and David W. Wetter, PhD
  Physician Perspectives on Cancer Clinical Trials and Barriers to Minority Recruitment (PDF file: 72Kb)
Shawna V. Hudson, PhD, Dana Momperousse, BS, and Howard Leventhal, PhD
  Developing a Spiritually Based Breast Cancer Screening Intervention for Native Hawaiian Women (PDF file: 96Kb)
Lana Sue Ka`opua, PhD, ACSW, and Linda Anngela, PhD, MSW
  Preparing African American Women for Breast Biopsy (PDF file: 72Kb)
Patricia K. Bradley, PhD, RN, Kathryn M. Kash, PhD, Catherine W. Piccoli, MD, and Ronald E. Myers, PhD
  An Evaluation of Printed HPV Educational Materials (PDF file: 72Kb)
Heather M. Brandt, PhD, CHES, Donna H. McCree, PhD, MPH, RPh, Lisa L. Lindley, DrPH, MPH, CHES, Patricia A. Sharpe, PhD, MPH, and Brent E. Hutto, MPH
  Latinas' Appraisal of Participation in Breast Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials (PDF file: 72Kb)
Evelinn A. Borrayo, PhD, Catalina Lawsin, MS, and Carissa Coit, BS
  Pastors’ Wives as Partners: An Appropriate Model for Church-Based Health Promotion (PDF file: 72Kb)
Kimberly S. Clay, PhD, MPH, MSW, Kelley Newlin, DNS(c), C-ANP, and Kimberly D. Leeks, MPH
  Prostate Cancer Screening in a Low-Literacy Population: Does Informed Decision Making Occur? (PDF file: 92Kb)
Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, Jyoti Sharma, BA, Elizabeth Justice, BA, Jeb Justice, BA, Cynthia Spiker, MPH, Larry E. Laufman, PhD, Terry A. Jacobson, MD, and Armin D. Weinberg, PhD

Resources Relating to Cancer, Culture and Literacy (PDF file: 52Kb)
Dinorah Martinez, MA, MPH, and Rachel Turner




Russian-born painter Nina Mikhailenko graduated from the renowned Mukhina Art Institute and came to the United States in 1974. A member of Oil Painters of America, she also works in watercolors, pastels, charcoal and ink, often on location. As a plein-air artist, she has traveled the world to capture the atmosphere of her subjects, and in turn her award-winning paintings have been shown all over the United States and Europe. More of her art can be seen at or contact her at 9315 56th Ave. South, Seattle, WA 98118. Tel/Fax: 206-722-8565 or e-mail: or

Cover: Floyd Standifer. Watercolor, 18" × 14".

Table of Contents:
Net Fishing. Watercolor, 10" × 14" .
Peeling the Cabbage. Oil on canvas, 20" × 24".
Burmese. Oil on canvas, 24" × 30".
Morocco. Oil on canvas, 23" × 23".
Faces of Bali. Oil on canvas, 24" × 30".
Boy & Goats. Oil on canvas, 20" × 24".
Chickens for Sale. Oil on canvas, 16" × 20".
Black and Red. Oil on canvas, 12" × 16".
Basket Umbrellas. Oil on canvas, 20" × 16".
Tuileries Fun. Oil on canvas, 30" × 36".
Fishermen. Watercolor, 10" × 14".