Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.





Basis for Progress in Brain Tumor Therapy (PDF file: 57Kb)
Steven Brem, MD, FACS, and John Horton, MB, ChB, FACP


Malignant Tumors of the Anterior Skull Base (CME) (PDF file: 187Kb)
Frank D. Vrionis, MD, MPH, PhD, Matthew A. Kienstra, MD, Miguel Rivera, MD, and Tapan A. Padhya, MD

Cyclooxygenase in the Treatment of Glioma: Its Complex Role in Signal Transduction (CME) (PDF file: 189Kb)
Pamela New, MD

Modulation of Brain Tumor Capillaries for Enhanced Drug Delivery Selectively to Brain Tumor (CME) (PDF file: 266Kb)
Keith L. Black, MD, and Nagendra S. Ningaraj, PhD

Cerebrospinal Fluid (Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor) and Serologic (Recoverin) Tumor Markers for Malignant Glioma (CME) (PDF file: 133Kb)
Prakash Sampath, MD, Charles E. Weaver, MD, PhD, Arno Sungarian, MD, Selina Cortez, MD, Lloyd Alderson, MD, DSc, and Edward G. Stopa, MD

Immunotherapeutic Strategies for Malignant Glioma (CME) (PDF file: 351Kb)
Robert A. Fenstermaker, MD, and Michael J. Ciesielski, PhD

Recent Progress in Immunotherapy for Malignant Glioma: Treatment Strategies and Results From Clinical Trials (CME) (PDF file: 286Kb)
Moneeb Ehtesham, MD, Keith L. Black, MD, and John S. Yu, MD



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E. Barnard Lintott. Ballet Girl in Pink. Oil on canvas, 30 ″ × 25″

Table of Contents:
Charles Dahlgreen. Sunlight in Brown County. Oil on canvas, 32″ × 39″
Edward Burgess Butler.   Summer Harvest 1915. Oil on canvas, 25″ × 30″.
Charles Gruppe. Minnehaha Creek in Winter. Oil on canvas, 36″ × 40″
Edward Potthast. Figures on Beach. Oil on panel, 8″ × 11″.
Carl W. Peters. Stream in Winter. Oil on canvas, 36″ × 40″.
Edward D. Boit. Looking into the Arno Valley. Oil on canvas, 22″ × 28 1/2″