Cancer Control Journal

This peer-reviewed journal contains articles on the spectrum of actions and approaches needed to reduce the impact of human malignancy.





Cancer Care for Diverse Populations: Relevant Communications and Research (PDF file: 20Kb)
Cathy D. Meade, PhD, RN, FAAN


Training Community Practitioners in a Research Intervention: Practice Examples at the Intersection of Cancer, Western Science, and Native Hawaiian Healing (PDF file: 76Kb)
Lana Sue I. Ka`opua, PhD, ACSW

Replication and Dissemination of a Cancer Education Model for African American Women(PDF file: 76Kb)
Deborah O. Erwin, PhD, Jennifer Ivory, BA, Charlie Stayton, BS, Mattye Willis, AAS, Lina Jandorf, MA, Hayley Thompson, PhD, Sharita Womack, PhD, and Thelma C. Hurd, MD

Assessing Cancer Beliefs in a Chinese Immigrant Community (PDF file: 68Kb)
Evaon Wong-Kim, MSW, MPH, PhD, Angela Sun, MPH, and Michael C. DeMattos, MSW
Lessons Learned While Developing “Clinical Trials Education for Native Americans” Curriculum (PDF file: 100Kb)
Linda Burhansstipanov, MSPH, DrPH, CHES, Linda U. Krebs, RN, PhD, AOCN, Alice Bradley, MA, Eduard Gamito, BS, Kyle Osborn, BS, Mark B. Dignan, PhD, MPH, and Judith S. Kaur, MD
Development of a Spiritually Based Breast Cancer Educational Booklet for African American Women (PDF file: 72Kb)
Cheryl L. Holt, PhD, Annika Kyles, BS, Theresa Wiehagen, BA, and Chris Casey, BFA
Internet Use for Cancer Information Among Racial/Ethnic Populations and Low Literacy Groups (PDF file: 60Kb)
Joshua Fogel, PhD
Inner Resources as Predictors of Psychological Well-Being in Middle-Income African American Breast Cancer Survivors (PDF file: 72Kb)
Lynette M. Richardson Gibson, PhD, RN, and Veronica Parker, PhD
Implications for Breast and Cervical Cancer Control for Latinas in the Rural South: A Review of the Literature (PDF file: 84Kb)
Rachel M. Mayo, PhD, Deborah O. Erwin, PhD, and Hugh D. Spitler, PhD
Sociocultural Characteristics and Responses to Cancer Education Materials Among African American Women (PDF file: 96Kb)
Matthew W. Kreuter, PhD, MPH, Karen Steger-May, MA, Sonal Bobra, MPH, Angela Booker, MPH, Cheryl L. Holt, PhD, Susan N. Lukwago, PhD, and Celette Sugg Skinner, PhD


Combining Cancer Control Information With Adult Literacy Education: Opportunities to Reach Adults With Limited Literacy Skills (PDF file: 32Kb)
Ian M. Bennett, MD, PhD, Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, Barry D. Weiss, MD, and Cathy A. Coyne, PhD
  Decision-Making Issues for Randomized Clinical Trial Participation Among Hispanics (PDF file: 32Kb)
Lee Ellington, PhD, Stephanie Wahab, PhD, MSW, Shadi Sahami, MPA, HSA, MSW, Rosemary Field, MS, RN, and Kathi Mooney, PhD, RN, AOCN, FAAN
  Smoking Cessation Interventions Among African Americans: Research Needs (PDF file: 28Kb)
Carlos A. Mazas, PhD, and David W. Wetter, PhD

Resources Relating to Cancer, Culture and Literacy (PDF file: 24Kb)




The artwork featured in this issue has been provided courtesy of the Longstreth-Goldberg ART Gallery, a 5,000-square-foot gallery. In existence in Indiana and now in Florida for nearly 25 years, the gallery specializes in contemporary paintings and sculpture by artists from around the world. The Longstreth-Goldberg ART Gallery is located at 5640 Taylor Road, Naples, Florida 34109. Telephone: 239-514-2773. Web site: http://www.

Michael Aakhus. Temple of Inscriptions. Mixed media on canvas, 96″ × 48″

Table of Contents:
Michael Aakhus. Tulum. Mixed media on panel, 36″ × 48″
Michael Aakhus. San Cristobal Cafe. Oil on canvas, 1998, 41″ × 60″
Michael Aakhus. Monte Alban (Dyptych). Mixed media on canvas, each panel 72″ × 48″.
Anthony Droege. Dragon’s Bowl. Oil on board, 29 1/2″ × 39 1/4″.
Billy Hertz. Panicale. Oil on board, 18″ × 23 3/4″.
Anthony Droege. You Can’t Judge a Book… Oil on board, 33″ × 47″.
Michael Aakhus. Teotihuacan. Oil on canvas, 60″ × 48″.
Jeanette Ramage. Apples & Leaves. Oil on canvas with collage, 39 ″ × 39″.
Liz Whitney Quisgard. Byzantine Pattern #3. Acrylic on canvas, 49″ × 38″.