What to Expect During Your First Appointment

You may not be sure what to expect during your first appointment. We are here to help. We recognize that your treatment is about you, your family and your specific needs.

  • Your primary Moffitt oncologist or Moffitt surgeon will review your materials, conduct your examination, and have a discussion with you and your family or significant other. At this point, he or she may make preliminary treatment or diagnostic recommendations. 
  • Your oncologist or surgeon will discuss your individual treatment needs with other members of your team and explain to you any changes in the recommendations for your care. 
  • You might be asked to see additional oncology specialists or undergo additional tests. If surgery is needed, you will be given specific details on any preoperative testing. Prior to surgery, you and your family will have the opportunity to meet your surgeon (if you have not already met) to discuss the planned procedure.
  • For CT Scans - Many patients will now be able to drink water instead of an oral contrast before getting a scan. Learn more about how to prepare for your CT scan.
  • You may be asked to undergo genetic testing. Genetic testing is a useful tool for identifying mutations or changes in your DNA from your blood or relevant cancer tissue. The results of the genetic tests might be used to guide medical treatments or decisions. A genetic expert can help by providing information about the test.