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How to Use Moffitt Virtual Visit via Zoom

Moffitt patients can receive top-notch, Moffitt-quality care without leaving the comfort of home. Established patients can interact with clinical care teams through face-to-face video appointments on their computer or via a mobile device. When your virtual visit was scheduled, you were given either a meeting ID or link to join. Follow these steps to connect.

Step 1: Review the Moffitt Telemedicine Consent Form  

  • Read this consent form prior to your appointment.
  • If you agree with it, we will obtain your verbal consent during the appointment. If you do not agree, please call the clinic to discuss your concerns. You may need to schedule an in-person appointment instead. 

 Step 2: Prepare for Your Moffitt Virtual Visit Location

  • Go to a private, quiet, well-lit location with a good Internet connection for the appointment.
  • We recommend using Wi-Fi at your home or work. Please note, if you are meeting over a cellular network (For example 3G, 4G etc.), it will use a considerable amount of your data. 
  • You don’t need to create an account. Just click on the provided link from your appointment email to test your connection and audio settings. Additional downloads may be required.
  • If you’re using a computer browser, Google Chrome is recommended.

Step 3: Join Your Virtual Visit via Zoom with a Mobile Device or Computer Browser

  • About 5-10 minutes before your appointment, go to your previously tested location.
  • Open your emailed invitation and select the Join Now link. Or, open the Zoom app for computer or mobile and enter to join by Meeting ID.

Virtual Visit ZoomJoining a Virtual Visit Appointment Using a Computer (PC or Mac)

  • Open your Internet browser and enter
  • Select "Join" on the opening screen





  • Virtual Visit Join MeetingEnter your "Meeting ID" provided by your care team
  • Select "Join" (see below)
  • When you see yourself in the Zoom meeting, you've successfully completed the steps 
  • Wait for your health care provider to arrive.




Joining a Virtual Visit Appointment Using a Mobile Device (iOS, iPad, Android)   

  • Virtual Visit ConferencingYou’re not required download the mobile app for this appointment, however, you can select to do so for future virtual visits.
  • Open your mobile browser and enter or access the Zoom mobile app.
  • Select "Join" on the opening screen.








  • Virtual Visit Join MeetingSelect "Join Meeting"











Virtual Visit Meeting ID

  • Enter your "Meeting ID" provided by your care team.
  • Enter your "Name" to personalize your virtual visit.
  • Select "Join Meeting" to start the meeting.
  • When you see yourself in the Zoom meeting, you've successfully completed the steps.
  • Wait for your health care provider to arrive online.







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