Moffitt Cancer Center Announces Physician And Researcher Of The Year

February 19, 2010

Tampa, FLMoffitt Cancer Center honors two employees for their outstanding accomplishments in the medical and scientific fields.

Dr. Sarah Hoffe, assistant member of the Radiation Oncology Program, was named 2009 Physician of the Year during the Moffitt Faculty Appreciation and Recognition Ceremony on Feb.11.

“I am very honored.  As a radiation oncologist, I have to rely on a strong team.  I feel fortunate to work with such a talented group of colleagues in radiation oncology, GI, radiology and pathology,” Hoffe said. “At Moffitt, we have a great multidisciplinary staff that I am proud to be part of.”

Hoffe specializes in the treatment of gastrointestinal cancers. She dedicates time to writing clinical trials, book chapters and research papers. She has a special interest in educating and mentoring medical students and residents in training. She’s also active in the community, giving lectures and volunteering as the medical adviser for a cancer survivor group in Sun City Center.

Jiandong Chen, Ph.D., senior member of the Molecular Oncology program, has been named Researcher of the Year for his outstanding contributions and advances to the understanding of cancer through innovative medical research. Chen is involved in research of the p53 gene, which encodes an anti-cancer protein that actively stops the development of tumors.

“We are most excited about our recent research in understanding the molecular mechanism of p53 activation by irradiation and chemotherapy,” Chen said.

Chen joined Moffitt in 1999 and has served on many NIH study sections. He has published 53 papers and is a respected scientist in the tumor suppressor protein p53 field.  Since 1997, Chen began receiving NIH peer-review funding for his basic research in cancer biology. He is a co-investigator in the lung cancer SPORE project, which is focused on improving outcomes for patients with lung cancer. In addition, Chen trains graduate students and post-doctoral fellows, many who have become independent researchers.

Additional Achievement Awards:

Educators of the Year

  • Clinical Mentorship: Jane Messina, M.D.
  • Research Mentorship: Alvaro Monteiro, Ph.D.

Publication Awards

  • Highest Impact Factor Score - Basic Science: Philip Tofilon, Ph.D.
  • Highest Impact Factor Score - Clinical Investigations: Robert Gatenby, M.D.
  • Highest Impact Factor Score - Population Science: Thomas Sellers, Ph.D., M.P.H.
  • Most Cited Faculty Member: Jin Q. Cheng, Ph.D., M.D.
  • Team Impact: William S. Dalton, Ph.D., M.D., & Robert Gatenby, M.D.

Clinical Trial Awards

  • Highest Accrual of Patients on Therapeutic Clinical Trials - Solid Tumors: Jeffrey Weber, M.D., Ph.D.
  • Highest Accrual of Patients on Therapeutic Clinical Trials - Hematologic Malignancies: Jeffrey Lancet, M.D.
  • Highest Number of Active Investigator - Initiated Trials: Jeffrey Weber, M.D., Ph.D.

Licensed Intellectual Property

The following inventors were recognized for Licensed Agreements in 2009:

  • Jin Q. Cheng, Ph.D., and Saïd Sebti, Ph.D. A License Agreement with Lyndor Biosciences, LLC (Sub of Samtheo BioPharma, LLC) was signed March 2, 2009. The licensed product is an AKT/PKB inhibitor: API-1
  • Srikumar Chellappan, Ph.D., Saïd Sebti, Ph.D., and Nicholas Lawrence, Ph.D. A License Agreement with Debiopharm S.A. was signed May 5, 2009. The licensed product is Rb-Raf inhibitors.
  • Saïd Sebti, Ph.D. A License Agreement with Tigris was signed July 21, 2009. The licensed products are Biomarkers (p27 and pAkt) for predicting response to a GGTI Compound.

Patient Satisfaction Award:

  • Catherine Chodkiewicz, M.D.

Excellence in Safety Award:

  • Eleanor Harris, M.D.

About Moffitt Cancer Center

Located in Tampa, Florida, Moffitt Cancer Center  is an NCI Comprehensive Cancer Center - a designation that recognizes Moffitt’s excellence in research and contributions to clinical trials, prevention and cancer control. Moffitt currently has 14 affiliates in Florida, one in Georgia and two in Puerto Rico. Additionally, Moffitt is a member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a prestigious alliance of the country’s leading cancer centers, and is listed in U.S. News & World Report as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” for cancer. Moffitt’s sole mission is to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.