Survivorship Clinic at Moffitt Cancer Center provides additional care for patients after cancer treatments

July 09, 2009

Tampa, FL – Major advances in cancer research have led to improved diagnosis’s, screening techniques and treatment options for cancer patients and as a result, more people are surviving. However, life after cancer is not always easy, as new hardships may arise. The Survivorship Clinic at Moffitt Cancer Center is the only facility in the Bay Area? to address these issues and provide quality follow-up care for patients.

“Survivorship is a big involvement that people are asking for, so we are responding to their needs,” Mary Ann Morgan, TITLE, said. “It is the bridge between the oncologists, who deal with more acute patients, and the general practitioners.”

The clinic, which opened in March 2009, provides a multidisciplinary approach and uses physicians, nurse practitioners, social workers, psychologists and dieticians. The staff provides surveillance for recurrences or new cancers and monitors long-term side effects such as physical, emotional and social concerns.

Currently, the clinic is servicing patients referred by a Moffitt physician who meet specific medical criteria. Patients must be in the third stage of survivorship, which means they have a low risk of recurrence. These patients have completed therapeutic cancer treatments (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormonal therapy) and have no evidence of active disease.

Once patients are admitted to the clinic, they will receive a treatment summary of their cancer history and a Survivorship Care Plan to maintain optimal health and well-being, which they should share with their primary care provider. Patients will also get recommendations for healthy life-style modifications, nutrition for cancer risk reduction, prevention, screening and counseling. If they choose, patients may participate in research opportunities for Survivorship that will look at long-term effects and quality of life. 

About H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute

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