April 10, 2020

April 10, 2020

Home-Based Chemo Skyrockets at One US Center

Medscape – April 10

The service is not offered at a sample of cancer centers queried by Medscape Medical News, including the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, the Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Moores Cancer Center, the University of California, San Diego.


Trying to land a job, graduates? Here’s advice from Great Recession veterans

Chicago  Tribune – April 9

“I think I was a little bit jaded," said Cox, now a development manager at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. “You spend this money or you get loans … then you come out and you can’t find a job. It’s very demoralizing. Also posted to the NY Daily News and the Tampa Bay Times.


Here's what Tampa Bay universities and colleges are doing to help fight coronavirus

Tampa Bay Business Journal – April 9

Emma Quintana, coordinator of the Fab Lab, is assisting a COVID-19 testing site and Moffitt Cancer Center. 


Moffitt mathematical model predicts patient outcomes to adaptive therapy

Science Codex – April 9

Researchers in the Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy at Moffitt Cancer Center believe that adaptive treatments based on evolutionary principles may be an effective approach to prostate cancer treatment by preventing the development of drug resistance and prolonging patient survival. Also posted to Scienmag.com


Cancer Patients Are at Higher Risk From Coronavirus Infection

Wall Street Journal – April 8

“Any cancer patient who gets Covid-19 is at an even higher risk for serious complications,” said Michael Nieder, director of the blood and marrow transplant and cellular immunotherapy program at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla.


If I Get Coronavirus, Can I Get It Again?

U.S. News & World Report – April 8

Anna Giuliano, founding director of the Center for Immunization and Infection Research in Cancer at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, says that it’s too soon to speculate on whether this particular virus will impart immunity.


8OYS investigates: WHO says people don’t need masks, CDC says you do

WFLA – April 8

Longtime infectious diseases expert Dr. John Greene from Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa agrees with the CDC and says, it’s simple. When you’re in public, you should wear a mask to protect yourself and lower your risk of contracting the virus.


Have materials, know how to sew? Moffitt taking mask donations

WTSP – April 8

If you can sew, Moffitt Cancer Center has a big opportunity for you amid the fight against coronavirus.


Moffitt Cancer Center accepting hand-sewn mask donations

WFTS – April 8

Moffitt Cancer Center is accepting donations of hand-sewn masks to align with the CDC's recently updated guidelines.


10 updates on telehealth amid COVID-19 pandemic

Becker’s Hospital Review – April 7

Virtual visits at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., are up by 5,000 percent and Renton, Wash.-based Providence has seen a 20 to 30 fold increase in telehealth since the pandemic began. 


Blood-Based Genetic Risk Score Shows Promise for Prostate Cancer Drug Response, Survival Prediction

Precision Oncology News – April 7

Liang Wang, study coauthor and a researcher in the tumor biology department at the Moffit Cancer Research Center, highlighted that the team was surprised to find that OPHN1 was indicative of shorter disease progression and survival.


How to Get the Most Out of a Virtual Doctor’s Appointment

U.S. News & World Report – April 6

“In the current crisis, we’re trying to preserve personal protective equipment and minimize exposure” to the highly contagious coronavirus, says Dr. Phillippe Spiess, surgical genitourinary oncologist and medical director of Virtual Health at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.


Coronavirus testing: Some rapid tests more accurate than others, initial research shows

WFLA – April 6

8 On Your Side also spoke with Dr. John Greene, the Chief of Infectious Diseases at Moffitt, about the accuracy of the rapid antigen COVID-19 tests.


Coronavirus concerns: How to properly wear non-medical, cloth masks in public

WFLA – April 6

“What we said we should do a week ago may be different than what we’re saying today and it’s not because we don’t know what we’re talking about,” said Dr. Greene. “It’s because this is uncharted territory.” Dr. Greene is the Chief of Infectious Diseases at Moffitt and a hospital epidemiologist.


Beating cancer by taking the unbeaten path

Arizona State University –April 6

“My colleagues and I are now working to bring clinical trials of evolutionarily informed therapies to Arizona. One of those therapies is called “adaptive therapy,” an approach pioneered by Robert Gatenby at Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida.”


How Top Cancer Centers Have Responded to Keep Patients Safe During Covid-19

Oncology Times – April 6

On the other hand, Moffitt Cancer Center is allowing only one visitor for patients near the end of life.


My all-time favorite player: Phillies Hall of Famer Mike Schmidt

The Athletic – April 6


The Anatomy of IT

Workforce Diversity for Engineering and IT Professionals Magazine – Winter/Spring 2020

During his treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center, Rivera observed the various medical departments, how staff interacted and the abundance of technology at the renowned medical facility based in Tampa, Fla.


Cancer Centers Work to Mitigate COVID-19 Risk

Oncology Nursing News – April 5

Telemedicine has also supplemented the oncology workflow at the Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, according to John A. Kolosky, CPA, MBA, chief operating officer and president of Moffitt Hospital. 


No-contact policy forces Rays to get creative in keeping everyone sharp

Tampa Bay Times – April 5

The Rays and Papa John’s teamed to deliver pizzas to “frontline workers” at St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Petersburg fire departments on Friday, and will deliver to the Moffitt Cancer Center on Monday. 


Health workers voice fears over supplies at Tampa Bay hospitals

Tampa Bay Times – April 4

Nurses at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa thought they’d begin wearing masks with every patient as soon as the coronavirus began spreading in Florida. 


Nurses not allowed to wear homemade masks in most Tampa Bay hospitals

WTSP – April 3

But what about procedural masks or N95 masks that nurses either have at home or get donated to them? AdventHealth, Moffitt, and Tampa General tell 10Investigates they’re not allowing it.


Why is Tropicana Field lit red, white, and blue?

Draysbay.com – April 3

Additionally, the Rays announced today they will be partnering with Papa John’s to deliver pizzas to the front lines of the health care crisis, beginning with St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Pete Fire Departments today, and then to Moffitt Cancer Center on Monday.


Moffitt Cancer Center's virtual visits up 5,000% in response to COVID-19

Becker’s Hospital Review – April 3

With federal and state governments loosening restrictions on telemedicine due to the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals such as Tampa, Fla.-based Moffitt Cancer Center have reported steep increases in virtual visits with patients. 


NYU Langone, Providence & 5 other hospitals experiencing telehealth surges

Becker’s Hospital Review  - April 3

Here are seven hospitals that have reported surges in telehealth since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. 1. Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Fla., has experienced a 5,000 percent increase in virtual visits in the past few weeks.


Dose-Adjusted EPOCH for B-Cell Lymphomas May Be Safe, Cost Effective in the Outpatient Setting

 Hematology Advisor – April 3

Wenhui Li, PharmD, of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and colleagues published their findings in an abstract associated with the  National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) 2020 Annual Conference, which was postponed in response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic.


Rays doing their part in these trying times

Scrum – April 3

Partnering up with Papa John’s, the Rays are also delivering pizzas to St Anthony’s Hospital, Moffitt Cancer Center, and St Pete Fire Departments. Deliveries will take place today (Friday) and Monday.



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