October 18, 2019

October 18, 2019

Role of Radiotherapy for Patients With Refractory Lymphoma Receiving CAR T-Cell Therapy

ASCO Post – Oct. 17

Disease burden and lesion-specific disease characteristics were quantified by pretreatment positron-emission tomography/computed tomography and compared with serial post-treatment images to characterize patterns of recurrence, including the timing and location of recurrent disease,” the researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, wrote.


Dr. Kuykendall on Choosing Ruxolitinib or Fedratinib in Myelofibrosis

OncLive – Oct. 17

Andrew T. Kuykendall, MD, assistant member, Department of Malignant Hematology, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the use of ruxolitinib (Jakafi) versus fedratinib (Inrebic) in patients with myelofibrosis. 


Fedratinib Re-emerges as FDA-Approved Treatment of Myelofibrosis

Targeted Oncology – Oct. 17

Andrew Kuykendall, MD, assistant member at the Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the background to the JAK2 inhibitor fedratinib (Inrebic), which was approved by the FDA in August 2019 for the treatment of patients with intermediate-2 or high-risk primary or secondary myelofibrosis (MF), including post–polycythemia vera or post–essential thrombocythemia MF.


Personalized BRAF inhibitor treatment: a new way to treat melanoma

Medical News Bulletin – Oct. 17

Researchers from the Moffitt Cancer Centre & Research Institute found a new way to use BRAF inhibitor treatment to help treat melanoma.


Women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may be more at risk for ovarian cancer

Harvard Medical School – November 2019

Researchers at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Moffitt Cancer Center found that women who remembered experiencing six or more symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) had double the risk of later developing ovarian cancer, compared with women who had not reported PTSD symptoms.


Things to do in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Times – Oct. 17

Coheed and Cambria: The prog rockers team up with the Contortionist and Astronoid at 98RocktoberBreast, where a portion of each ticket sale goes to Moffitt Cancer Center. $29.50 and up. 7:30 p.m. Mahaffey Theater, 400 First St. S, St. Petersburg. (727) 300-2000. themahaffey.com.


Breast cancer surgeon to discuss surgical treatment of breast cancer

Newswise – Oct. 17

With medical training from the renowned H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Florida, Dr. Joh has a leading-edge knowledge base of breast cancers and comprehensive breast cancer treatment.


Beyoncé’s Dad Has a Mutation More African-Americans Should Be Tested For

New York Times – Oct. 16

Researchers at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida found that among young breast cancer patients who met the national guidelines for receiving genetic counseling, only 37 percent of black women had discussed it with a provider compared to 86 percent of white women. 


6 Vaping Products Disguised as Everyday Items

Healthline – Oct. 15

According to Thomas Brandon, PhD, director of the Tobacco Research and Intervention Program at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, it’s important that parents remain calm and not overreact if they find out their child is vaping.


Pharmacologic Therapy To Manage CDI

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News – Oct. 15

Fidaxomicin is associated with significantly less CDI recurrence than other treatments (roughly 40% fewer recurrences), according to Harrison Bachmeier, PharmD, BCPS, a clinical pharmacist at Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa, Fla. “Because fidaxomicin is a more targeted antibiotic, it does not affect the normal, healthy bacteria of your gut nearly as much as the other antibiotics,” he said.


Prognosis of the 8th TNM Staging System for Penile Cancer and Refinement of Prognostication by Incorporating hrHPV Status.

UroToday – Oct. 14

The modified classification was further validated in an independent cohort (n=62) from Moffitt Cancer Center.


Woman rings chemotherapy bell after fighting breast cancer while pregnant

Good Morning America – Oct. 13

It was no surprise then that Purcell, of St. Petersburg, Florida, used all of her strength, and shed some tears, as she rang the bell last week at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa to mark her final chemotherapy treatment.


Does HPV Vaccine Reduce HIV-Positive Men Oral Cancer Risks?

Precision Vaccinations – Oct. 13

“We are hoping that if we show the efficacy of the vaccine, that vaccinating both males and females will ultimately reverse” the rising incidence of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancers, said one of the trial’s lead investigators, Anna Giuliano, Ph.D., of Moffitt Cancer Center. 


Risk Model Predicts Survival in NSCLC Patients Treated with Immunotherapy

Cancer Therapy Advisor – Oct. 12

Ilke Tunali, PhD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, led the study, which included 270 patients with NSCLC who were treated with checkpoint blockade immunotherapy. 


Two New Radiomics Features Predict Lung Cancer Survival in LDCT Screening

Cancer Therapy Advisor – Oct. 12

Jaileene Perez Morales, MD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, and colleagues included patients with early-stage lung cancer from the National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) and extracted peritumoral and intratumoral radiomic features from LDCT images. 


Moffitt Pathways and Value Pathways in Practice

Journal of Clinical Pathways – Oct. 11

Stephen B Edge, MD, FACS, FASCO, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer, moderated the session that included Karen K Fields, MD, Moffitt Cancer Center, representing Moffitt’s in-house pathways, and Neelima Denduluri, MD, Virginia Cancer Specialists, representing US Oncology Network’s Value Pathways powered by NCCN.


So much more than a breast cancer survivor: Kathy James shares a personal story of her journey

Boca Beacon – Oct. 11

“I am currently receiving a cancer vaccine created by Dr. Brian Czerniecki at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, which utilizes six weekly vaccine injections followed by three boosters, given at three-month intervals, six months after the completion of the weekly vaccines,” Kathy said. “I’m very hopeful and I feel great.”


Fedratinib and Ruxolitinib: Advice for Deciding Which Agent to Give and When

Targeted Oncology – Oct. 11

How to continue using ruxolitinib now that fedratinib is available remains an unanswered question, said Kuykendall, assistant member, Moffitt Cancer Center; however, experts in treating myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) can be a helpful resource for other oncologists.


So You Started Vaping to Quit Smoking. Now What?

Self – Oct. 11

Theoretically, e-cigarettes should have some advantages over traditional nicotine-replacement therapies, Thomas H. Brandon, Ph.D., director of the Tobacco Research & Intervention Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, tells SELF. 


TGH leader calls for cheaper medications, better coordination in health care

TGH  - Oct. 11

Tampa General's Kelly Cullen was joined on the panel by leaders from Moffitt Cancer Center, BayCare Health System, and AdventHealth. 




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