July 12, 2019

July 12, 2019

Study: Tampa's medical research lags behind other U.S. cities

Tampa Bay Business Journal – July 11

Moffitt Cancer Center produces most of Tampa’s clinical research, having accounted for 27 percent of it in 2018. The area’s largest academic health system, University of South Florida Health, produced 12.8 percent of the research last year, while Florida Cancer Specialists and Research Institute produced 6.9 percent, BayCare Health Systems produced 6 percent and Tampa General Hospital produced 5.8 percent of the area’s output.


Surgery was in the nick of time to avoid cancer

Gulf Breeze News – July 11

On June 7, the former newspaper writer, editor, personal chef and cookbook author underwent a pancreatectomy at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa.


Beth Houghton chosen to lead Pinellas JWB

Tampa Bay Reporter – July 11

She serves as chair of the Hospital Board of H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research and vice chair of its Institute (Parent) Board.


Therapeutic Strategies Based on Evolutionary Principles May Be Key to Improving Patient Outcomes

Health News Digest – July 10

According to Robert Gatenby, M.D., co-founder and director of Moffitt’s Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Therapy, the optimal result of treatment for metastatic cancers, in evolutionary terms, is extinction of the cancer population. 


CAR-T Therapy Injected Directly Into Chest Cavity Shows Early Promise in Pleural Cancers

Cancer Therapy Advisor – July 10

“I was impressed by these results, because mesothelin-targeted trials have been tested before and the results have been a little underwhelming, so the fact we can see a clinical response in this case with minimal toxicity, this is remarkable,” said Daniel Abate-Daga, PhD, assistant member of the department of immunology at Moffit Cancer Center and assistant professor in the department of oncological sciences at the University of South Florida, Tampa.


Top Hospitals for Latinos 2019

Latino Leaders – July 10

  1. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute: As one of the leading cancer research and treatment facilities in the nation, the Tampa, Florida-based hospital is also serving one of the most diverse populations.


Biopsies May Help Guide Treatment for Bladder Cancer

Cancer Network - July 10

Roger Li, MD, a genitourinary oncologist with the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, said this study is limited by its small sample size. He noted that there is a lot of homogeneity in patients with UTUC and LTUC and sampling errors are difficult to overcome in bulk sequencing studies.


Forte Continues Growth and Support of the Nation’s Leading Cancer Research Institutions

PR Web – July 9

Forte’s leadership and product innovation teams regularly meet with its Customer Advisory Board (CAB), in which Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and others take part.


Outreach the first focus of new Northside Hospital CEO

Tampa Bay Newspapers – July 10

Powell-Stafford launched her career at Yale New Haven Hospital and later worked for the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. She first joined the HCA ranks in 2008, when she was hired as the assistant administrator at Community Hospital in New Port Richey.


Researchers identify effective drug combination against uveal melanoma

eCancer News – July 9

Moffitt researchers, in collaboration with scientists from the UF Health Cancer Center and Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, wanted to determine how this resistance develops and identify additional drugs that could be used in combination with MEK inhibitors to target uveal melanoma cells for destruction.


Dr. Khushalani on Reasoning for the CA045-001 Trial

OncLive – July 9

Nikhil Khushalani, MD, vice chair, Department of Cutaneous Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the CA045-001 study, a phase III, randomized study that compared bempegaldesleukin (NKTR-214) plus nivolumab (Opdivo) versus nivolumab monotherapy in patients with previously untreated, unresectable, or metastatic melanoma.


Rationale for Combining a Modified IL-2 and Nivolumab in Melanoma

Targeted Oncology – July 8

Nikhil I. Khushalani, MD, vice chair, Department of Cutaneous Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the rationale for combining nivolumab (Opdivo) with bempegaldesleukin (NKTR-214) for the treatment of patients with newly diagnosed, unresectable or metastatic melanoma in a randomized, open-label phase III trial.


Overview of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

OncLive – July 8

Participating today on our distinguished panel are: Dr Rami Komrokji, senior member and professor of oncologic sciences, section head for leukemia and myelodysplastic syndromes [MDS], and vice chair of the Malignant Hematology Department at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.


Dead after rip current grabs her in Gulf, Lehigh Acres woman saved by emergency workers

Fort Myers News-Press – July 7

In addition Gambrel-Irizarry will head to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa on Monday for a possible lumpectomy. She beat breast cancer once before but needs to be checked for a possible recurrence.


At Tampa General Hospital, 3-D printers are removing guesswork for doctors and patients

Tampa Bay Times – July 7

As the program has grown, Decker and Ford have worked on unique cases over the years with doctors at Moffitt Cancer Center, Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital, St. Joseph's Hospital and even with veterinarians at Busch Gardens and the Florida Aquarium. They’ve even 3-D printed the skull of a baby sloth and the leg of a penguin.


Celyad’s off-the-shelf CAR-T data in colorectal cancer early, but serious toxicities haven’t appeared

MedCity News – July 5

Dr. Richard Kim, a gastrointestinal cancer specialist at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, also noted that it was tough to draw any conclusions from such a small number of patients. “But the trial just demonstrated that it is feasible to combine it with chemo,” he wrote in an email.



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