August 23, 2019

August 23, 2019

New model developed to optimize and personalize radiotherapy for cancer patients

News Medical – Aug. 22

Moffitt Cancer Center researchers hope to change this mindset for radiation treatment with the development of a genomically-based model that can optimize and personalize a radiation dose to match an individual patient's needs.


Battling Robocalls

WTVT – Aug. 21

“The Moffitt Cancer Center , they were spoofing calls so that a doctor or patient or administrator think a call is coming from inside the hospital and pick it up and is a bad robocall. It went to the point where it was literally interfering with the business being conducted at Moffitt which is so important.”


Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

WTVT – Aug. 21

$5 million dollars in grants is in the works right now at Moffitt.


Parents want to regain custody of 4-year-old son with cancer after stopping his chemo

Good Morning America Online – Aug. 20

Dr. Bijal D. Shah, head of the Moffitt Cancer Center's acute lymphoblastic leukemia program, said blood tests don't show the full picture.


New study provides a better understanding of Merkel cell carcinoma

News Medical – Aug., 21

A team of researchers at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute are starting to learn more about how Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC) develops


Largest genomic analysis of Merkel cell carcinoma patients completed

eCancer – Aug. 21

However, Moffitt Cancer Center researchers have developed the largest descriptive genomic analysis of MCC patients to date, in collaboration with Foundation Medicine and the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Also published by the Global Dispatch.


Beloved Conductor Ends Career on High Note

In Motion – Aug. 20

Between February and October of that year, his “numbers” were low enough that he could go to the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, where there is a multiple myeloma specialist Peterson still works with to this day.


Moffitt Researchers Discover Possible New Treatment Strategy for Lung Cancer

Health News Digest – Aug. 20

This type of mutation makes the cancer more aggressive and difficult to treat. Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center are hoping to change that. Also posted to eCancer.


As Noah McAdams’ custody trial begins, Moffitt experts say timing was key in child’s treatment

WFLA – Aug. 19

Dr. Bijal Shah, an associate at the Moffitt Cancer Center’s and clinical director of the acute lymphoblastic leukemia program, says that there is no scientific research to support the efficacy of treatments with cannabis, which Bland-Ball and McAdams were seeking as an alternative to chemotherapy.


Parents seek to regain custody of 4-year-old cancer patient after taking him off chemotherapy

Newsweek – Aug. 19

Dr. Bijal D. Shah of the Moffitt Cancer Center's acute lymphoblastic leukemia program told the paper that stopping chemotherapy early almost always results in the cancer coming back. Shah also said that natural remedies of the type Noah's parents had tried do nothing to fight cancer.


Ramifications of “Medicare for All” and Implications for Clinical Pathways

Journal of Clinical Pathways – Aug. 2019

The “who” side of the equation is complicated as it remains unclear whether pathways would continue to be payer-developed like the AIM Pathways by Anthem, provider-created/provider-facing pathways like Via Pathways, or institutionally developed in-house pathways like Moffitt Cancer Center’s.


Moffitt Researchers Discover Possible New Treatment Strategy for Lung Cancer

Newswise – Aug. 19

Moffitt researchers believe the MEK kinase, also found in the KRAS pathway, can be a possible target for lung cancer treatment. 


9 times ibuprofen won’t work – and could be dangerous

 Reader’s Digest – Aug. 19

“The combination of these drugs with ibuprofen could significantly increase the risk for bleeding complications,” says David Craig, PharmD, pharmacist lead at the Moffitt Cancer Centre. 


Custody Battle

WTVT – Aug. 19

According to a leukemia expert at Moffitt we spoke to, the chemo treatment that he is receiving is the best treatment option that they do have for his leukemia.



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