August 16, 2019

August 16, 2019

Black Woman Shares Skin Cancer Survival Story: ‘Please Don’t Think It Can’t Happen To You’

Black America Web – Aug. 15

One doctor even told me that it would be a miracle if I lived for another five years. Thankfully, Dr. Sondak from the Moffitt Cancer Center was encouraging and said, ‘We’re getting this cancer out.’”


New CEO named for Moffitt startup M2Gen

Tampa Bay Business Journal – Aug. 15

Moffitt Cancer Center subsidiary M2Gen, which uses big data to find ways to treat cancer, has a new CEO. 


Molecular Subtypes of Merkel Cell Carcinoma Identified in Large Genomic Study

Targeted Oncology – Aug. 14

Additionally, the investigators from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute analyzed potential correlates of response to treatment with immunotherapy.


Tampa will host one of the largest LGBT business conferences this week

Tampa Bay Times – Aug. 14

The organization does not disclose which of its members are part of the LGBT community and which are allies, but many of its publicly-listed members have familiar names: H&R Block, the Italian Club of Tampa, Marriott International, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute and the city of Tampa.


Ticks and Bumps

Town Line – Aug. 14

So, I was sent off to Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa. Probably means nothing to you guys but this place is top of the line all the way!


M2Gen names new CEO

St. Pete Catalyst – Aug. 14

M2Gen, a health informatics solutions company in Tampa, named Helge Bastian  as president and CEO. Bastian succeeds M2Gen Executive Chair Dr. William S. Dalton, who has served as interim CEO since September 2018.


Squamous Cell Lung Cancer Subtypes Point to Potential Therapeutic Approaches

Precision Oncology News – Aug 13

But as the Moffitt Cancer Center's Eric Haura noted, there can be a disconnect between the genomes or transcriptomes of cancers and their expressed proteomes. 


Creating a Patient Trial Community

Eye For Pharma – Aug. 13

He was eventually to enroll on a pilot feasibility trial combining ipilimumab with lymphodepletion and chemotherapy, TIL (tumor infiltrating lymphocytes) infusion, and high dose interleukin-2, at the Moffitt Cancer Centre in Tampa Florida. 


OncLive® Presents State of the Science Summit™ on Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer - Aug. 12, 2019

BioSpace  - Aug. 12

Alberto A. Chiappori, M.D., senior member, oncology and medicine, thoracic oncology program, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute


Tampa researchers make progress on developing cancer vaccine

83 Degrees – Aug. 12

Together they have developed a “cancer vaccine,” which is undergoing clinical trials at Tampa’s Moffitt Cancer Center and soon at other locations across the country.


A small Tampa company is working on a big breakthrough: a cancer vaccine

Tampa Bay Times – Aug. 12

Together they developed a “cancer vaccine,” which is undergoing clinical trials at Tampa’s Moffitt Cancer Center and soon at other locations across the country.


Should congress step in to regulate robocalls?

Bay News 9 – Aug. 11

The Moffitt Cancer Center told Spectrum Bay News 9 it received more than 6,600 nuisance calls over a 90-day period.


Moffitt urges back to school HPV vaccination

WUSF – Aug. 9

Doctor Anna Giuliano, an international HPV expert at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, said both boys and girls should get their first shot by age 11 or 12.


Artificial intelligence could diagnose breast cancer better than doctors after being trained to read MRI scans

Daily Mail – Aug. 9

Dr Marilin Rosa, a pathologist at Moffitt Cancer Center who was not involved in the study, told the current methods for telling the difference between the two are imperfect. 


Understanding CAR T-Cell Therapy Is Crucial As Cancer Treatment Landscape Grows

Oncology Nursing News – Aug. 9

“In addition to hematologic malignancies, there are more trials testing CAR T-cell therapy in solid tumors, so pretty much the landscape of cancer has changed,” said Nasello, Department of Malignant Hematology, Moffitt Cancer Center, during a presentation at the 3rd Annual School of Nursing Oncology.



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