May 4, 2018

May 04, 2018

Armwood High graduate finds motivation with her mother, a breast cancer survivor

Fox 13 – May 3

Kelviyana heads to the University of Florida in the fall. She recently received a scholarship from the Moffitt Cancer Center. She plans to become an oncologist, maybe a cancer researcher, so that she can help other women just like her mom. Armwood's collegiate program is one of three in the district.

Hooper: Phelan Family partners with Moffitt to honor high school scholars

Tampa Bay Times – May 3

All 10 of the high school seniors recognized by the 2018 Moffitt Healthy KIDZ Role Model program offered stories of perseverance, community care and faithful families. They’ll begin their higher education pursuits with a $2,000 scholarship and an eye towards a career in the STEM field.

New HQ puts Tampa immunotherapy company in Moffitt’s backyard

Tampa Bay Business Journal – May  3

Morphogenesis Inc., an immunotherapy company that’s just raised $16 million to back its work developing a treatment for cancer, is settling into its new headquarters at 10500 University Center Drive. The 12,000-square-foot headquarters is less than a mile from Moffitt’s outpatient center, where patients in Morphogenesis’ planned clinical trial would be treated, said Patricia Lawman, CEO.

Moffitt cancer researchers receive $900,000 grant to study acral melanoma – May 3

While prevention and screening are keys to driving down those statistics, better understanding of skin cancer, including what causes and drives it are a big focus of the Donald A. Adam Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center of Excellence at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Why Kiran Patel is backing a Tampa company developing cancer treatments

Tampa Bay Business Journal – May 2

The new capital will allow Morphogenesis to hire more scientists, Patel said, as well as fund human clinical trials at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and develop its executive management team.

Unusual cases of rare eye melanoma puzzle doctors in two states

NBC News – May 1

“It’s impossible at this juncture to tell what causes this," said Dr. Jonathan Zager, surgical oncologist and director of Regional Therapies in the Departments of Cutaneous Oncology and Sarcoma, Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. "Suspected contributors include BAP1 mutations and possibly a small link to sun exposure.”

As Proton Centers Struggle, A Sign Of A Health Care Bubble?

Associated Press – May 2

“It’s a real arms race,” said Johnstone, the former proton-center CEO, who has co-authored papers on proton-therapy economics. He is now vice chair of radiation oncology at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, which doesn’t have a proton center. “What places need now are patients — a huge supply of patients.” Also posted on Medical Health News, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Philly Voice

Faces of Florida Business

Delta Sky Magazine – May 2018

Alan List, M.D.: I was recruited in 2003 to lead the center’s Malignant Hematology program. Today, I’m president and CEO.

Florida Cancer Centers Awarded $1.36 Million to Fight Pancreatic Cancer

Technology Networks – May 2

The Florida Department of Health's James and Esther King Biomedical Research Program has armed Moffitt Cancer Center, University of Florida (UF) Health Cancer Center - Gainesville, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Miami and numerous collaborating centers with $1.36 million to address cancer disparities and improve outcomes and care for individuals affected by pancreatic cancer. 

Bountiful Treatment Options Offer Optimism for Lung Cancer

Cure Magazine – May 1

Her doctors at H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, determined that another course of chemotherapy wasn’t an option. But Koziar-Jordan was fortunate because during the time she was fighting her cancer, scientists around the world were developing newer forms of immunotherapy — drugs that can train the immune system to recognize and eliminate tumors.

Three alumni giving keynotes at Auburn University spring commencement ceremonies – May 1

Susan Story, a 1981 graduate and president and CEO of American Water Works, will speak at both Saturday ceremonies…She also serves on the Moffitt Cancer Center Board of Advisors.

Immunotherapy Combinations Show Promise for Blood Cancers

Medical Health News – April 30

According to the lead author, Frederick L. Locke, MD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, there are plans to move to a phase 2 study.

Dr. Soliman on Investigational Combination Therapies in Patients With Breast Cancer

OncLive – April 30

Hatem Soliman, MD, medical oncologist, The Center for Women’s Oncology, Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses the use of combination therapies in the treatment of patients with breast cancer.

Using mathematical modeling and evolutionary principles important in treatment decisions

Science Daily – April 30

Researchers at Moffitt Cancer Center are using mathematical modeling based on evolutionary principles to show that adaptive drug treatments based on tumor responses to prior treatment are more effective than maximum-tolerated dose approaches for certain tumor situations.

Researchers use mathematical modeling and evolutionary principals to show importance of basing treatment decisions – April 30

"An evolutionary flaw in this maximum-tolerated dose strategy is the assumption that resistant populations are not present prior to therapy. It is now clear that cancer cells can be insensitive even to treatment that they have never seen before," explained study author Jill Gallaher, Ph.D., an applied research scientist in the Department of Integrated Mathematical Oncology at Moffitt.

Genetic Testing: Just Scratching the Surface

ASH Clinical News – April 30

This finding could have important clinical implications for treatment of patients who present with CHIP at the time of primary cancer diagnosis, the study’s lead author Nancy K. Gillis, PharmD, postdoctoral fellow at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida, told ASH Clinical News.

Runners, walkers unite to shine a light on dangers of skin cancers

Sun Sentinel – April 28

Proceeds from the event will go to beneficiaries such as Melanoma Research at Moffitt Cancer Center, The Dermatology Clinic at The Caridad Center, The League of Ribbons at Lynn Cancer Institute, Dermatology Medical Missions, and The Richard David Kann Melanoma Foundation.

Why May 1 is the day that will save me from breast cancer forever

Fox News – April 28

Every few months, I walk into Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, where I cross paths with brave women ravaged by chemotherapy, women whose situations are far direr than my own. Always the youngest one in the room, I wait alongside these cancer patients for my preventative screening, praying their battle will not become my own.

Stem cell transplant: Could this be the cure for cancer?

Jamaica Observer – April 30

The H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute where this procedure was developed has successfully carried out over 5,000 of this type of transplant.

FDSWF Partners with Pepin Academies

Osprey Observer – April 27

The newly expanded program offers the following areas of work-training: … Medical Services-Courses offered help students learn skills like medical support, Moffitt Cancer Center support, and medical policy compliance.

Ernest Hooper: Legal giants inspire campaign to fight cancer among blacks – April 26

Jean-Pierre Coy revealed her story to the audience of more than 800. The event brought together two entities that honor George Edgecomb: the bar and the George Edgecomb Society, formed by Moffitt in 2016 to raise funds towards the study of racial disparities in cancer treatment.


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