June 8, 2018

June 08, 2018

AACI Joins Top Cancer Centers to Endorse Increased HPV Vaccination and Screening

June 7- News Wise

“We have the opportunity to eliminate multiple HPV-related cancers, beginning with cervical cancer,” said Anna R. Guiliano, PhD, director of the Center for Infection Research in Cancer at Moffitt Cancer Center, who will participate in the Huntsman meeting. She urged health care providers to recommend the HPV vaccine to patients and parents to ask their children’s doctors about it.

Novartis announces JCO publication of Lutathera® NETTER-1 data showing significantly longer time to deterioration of key quality of life measures in patients with progressive midgut NETs

June 7- BioPortfolio

"Neuroendocrine tumor progression is often associated with deterioration in quality of life due to tumor growth and production of hormones[2],[3]," said Jonathan Strosberg, MD, Associate Professor, Section Head, Neuroendocrine Tumor Program at Moffitt Cancer Center, and lead author of the publication.

Columbia Restaurant hosts annual Father’s Day Family Walk

June 7- Tampa Bay Times online

All proceeds from the event will benefit Moffitt Cancer Center, which is the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Florida and one of only 49 in the United States

VIDEO: Quick Intervention Improves Care in Geriatric Cancer Patients

June 6- Medical Health News

Use of geriatric assessment in the routine care of older advanced cancer patients improved oncologist-patient communication and started conversations that otherwise would have been ignored, a randomized study found. 

Blood mutations could contaminate genetic analyses of tumors

June 5- Medical Xpress

For patients at Moffitt Cancer Center, they compared Foundation Medicine results to sequencing results from banked blood samples.

'Remarkable' therapy beats terminal breast cancer

June 5 – BBC 1

The life of a woman with terminal breast cancer has been saved by a pioneering new therapy. We are joined by Dr. Ben Creelan, an immunotherapy expert.

9 Times Ibuprofen Won't Work—and Could Be Dangerous...

Medical Health News

"The combination of these drugs with ibuprofen could significantly increase the risk for bleeding complications," says David Craig, PharmD, pharmacist lead at the Moffitt Cancer Center, and American Pain Society E-News editor. 

Recurrence of HPV Types Found in Vaccine High Among Men with High-Risk Sexual Behavior

Medical Health News

“In the current analysis, higher numbers of new male sexual partners were consistently associated with higher recurrence of incident infections in both type-specific (HPV 16) and grouped analyses,” according to the study investigators led by Anna R. Giuliano, PhD, director of the Center for Infection Research in Cancer at the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Breast cancer: Test means fewer women will need chemo

Celeb Café

Scott Antonia, an immunologist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, said further work is crucial. One of them, a 59-year-old woman came to her office recently with a recurrence score of 17, and was seriously considering chemotherapy. 

Researchers use immune-cell 'army' to target cancer tumours


Scott Antonia, an immunologist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, said further work is crucial. “The paper shows the biological proof of principle and that you can use this approach to have a profound impact on a patient,” he noted. “We should continue to go down that path.”

Blood mutations could contaminate genetic analyses of tumors


For the study, researchers reviewed data from patients with solid tumor cancers who had genetic sequencing tests performed by Foundation Medicine as part of their routine clinical care at the N.C. Cancer Hospital and the Moffitt Cancer Center between 2013 and 2017.

Kite Announces New Data Analyses for CAR T Therapy in Patients with Blood Cancers at the 2018 American Society of Clinical Oncology Meeting

Business Wire

“We are encouraged by the strong long-term complete response rates in ZUMA-1, which represents a patient population that previously had few if any remaining treatment options,” said Frederick L. Locke, MD, ZUMA-1 Co-Lead Investigator and Vice Chair of the Department of Blood and Marrow Transplant and Cellular Immunotherapy at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida.

Syracuse QB Rex Culpepper is now cancer free

College Football Talk

Culpepper had been battling cancer with treatment at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa while traveling back and forth between Tampa and Syracuse.

Unconventional Strategies May Be Required for TP53-Mutated AML

Medical Health News

David Sallman, MD, of the malignant hematology department at the Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, said looking at each type of AML separately helps to tailor therapy and better categorize patients as being high risk, intermediate risk, or low risk. 

ZUMA-1: Response to Axi-cel at Three Months Prognostic for Remission in B-cell Lymphoma

American Journal of Managed Care

At ASCO, Frederick Locke, MD, program coleader, Immunology, Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, presented the longer-term update during an afternoon session.


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