September 30, 2016

September 30, 2016

Your doctor can clear up confusion on when to get breast screening
Tampa Bay Times – Sept. 29
"I see women every day who complain about the confusion around when to begin and how often to have screening mammograms," said Dr. Bethany Niell, a diagnostic radiologist in the Department of Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Radiology at Moffitt Cancer Center. "My fear is that women will stop getting mammograms altogether because of the confusion. Screening every year starting at age 40 saves more lives."

Best line of defense against breast cancer: know your risk, be alert to body changes
Tampa Bay Times – Sept. 29
But that wasn't being done when I was first diagnosed in 2004," Steadman said. She started chemotherapy, including the drug Herceptin, which she still receives nine years later at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Temple Terrace candidates talk development, taxes
Tampa Bay Times – Sept. 29
He said the city should develop a "technology village'' around the Eriksson project so that the city can pool the resources in the area, like the University of South Florida, Florida College, Moffitt Cancer Center and other institutions, to create high-paying jobs.

BRCA Tests, Risk-Reducing Sx Underused By Black Women
Clinical Oncology News – Sept. 29
“Our findings are concerning given that the benefit from genetic testing is not from testing itself, but from what people actually do with this information once they receive it,” said lead investigator Tuya Pal, MD, a clinical geneticist at the Moffitt Cancer Center, in Tampa, Fla. 

Immuno, Radiation Combo Better than Chemo for Melanoma Brain Metastasis outcomes
Melanoma News Today - Sept. 29
Therapies that target elements of the immune system or certain pathways active in cancer cells, in combination with radiation therapy, may work better than chemotherapy for patients with melanoma brain metastases,  according to a research report from the Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute.

Tampa Bay Bucs rookies visit patients, students at Moffitt Cancer Center
Florida Courier – Sept. 29
Members of the 2016 Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ rookie class participated in their first community event together on Tuesday by visiting patients at Moffitt Cancer Center and then running football drills with area students who are part of Moffitt’s Healthy Kidz program.

Louis Harrison, MD, on Radiation Oncology and the Future of Health Care
The ASCO Post – Sept. 28
Louis B. Harrison, MD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center, discusses radiation oncology in the context of personalized medicine, multidisciplinary care, new technology and applications, and the mandate to contain costs.

Cancer Comes Out
Cancer Today – Fall 2016 (Page 48)
These risk factors aren’t caused by sexual orientation or gender identity, says Gwendolyn Quinn, a cancer researcher at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, who studies reproductive health in at-risk populations. But they are linked to issues and situations that arise from being LGBT

Events mark for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Tampa Bay Newspaper s- Sept. 28
Moffitt Cancer Center is partnering with USF Athletics to make cancer awareness and fundraising a team sport. Together, the organizations are launching the Bulls Against Cancer campaign to promote cancer prevention and early detection among sports fans.

Scott appoints member to Biomedical Research Advisory Council before Zika funding meeting
Politico – Sept. 28
Gov. Rick Scott appointed Susan Vadaparampil to the Biomedical Research Advisory Council. Vadaparampil, 43, of Lakeland, is a senior member at the Moffitt Cancer Center. She received two master’s degrees from the University of Florida and Johns Hopkins University, and a doctor of philosophy from Indiana University. Her term ends Jan. 10, 2018. 

Bucs Rookies Visit Moffitt Cancer Center – Sept. 27
It was more than a visit on Tuesday, when the 2016 Buccaneers Rookie Club surprised patients and their families at Moffitt Cancer Center. 

Olaratumab Efficacy in Soft-Tissue Sarcoma
OncLive – Sept. 27
Damon Reed, MD: I know that olaratumab is being considered. They’re working on a phase I trial quickly, and that is very exciting. So, we’d like to bring that in, to get that as soon as possible.

Immunochemotherapy for Lymphoma
OncLive – Sept. 27
Frederick L. Locke, MD: I think, first of all, there’s not a clear antigen as strong as CD19 in the solid tumors. There’s an issue of trafficking of the T cells into the solid tumor microenvironment. So, I think those two are probably the primary issues.

'We believe in you. We know what you can do.'
Tampa Bay Times – Sept. 27
“We believe in you. We know what you can do.”Those were the words cancer patient Reginald Reaves told Buccaneers rookie kicker Roberto Aguayo in his room at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa on Tuesday morning.

For Good: Hungry Howies pizza hosts local events to raise money for breast cancer foundation
83 Degrees Media – Sept. 26
The local events, along with the funds raised nationally for NBCF will impact local women because the foundation has a partnership with Moffitt Cancer Center, which helps thousands of women each year battle breast cancer.

HealthMyne raises $6.9 million
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Sept. 26
The company's software is being tested at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics and Moffitt Cancer Center, Tampa, Fla.

Isolated limb infusion localizes chemo, revolutionizes cancer treatment
Fox 13 – Sept. 23
Surgical oncologist Dr. Jonathan Zager has been performing isolated limb infusion for eight years. "I've done about 50 limb infusions for sarcoma. We have a great response rate. About 50-percent of the patients are responding. A certain subset of the patients we downstage their tumor to respectable,"  Zager explained.

PHP Attacks Ocular Melanoma
KSAT – Sept. 23
Now she is in this operating room trying percutaneous hepatic perfusion or PHP. Jonathan Zager, M.D., a surgical oncologist at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, has done this procedure on about 60 patients.

Resistance with CAR-T Therapy
OncLive – Sept. 23
Frederick L. Locke, MD: Yes. We know for ALL that resistance can develop through loss of the CD19 epitope that’s recognized by the CAR-T cells, and the mechanisms for that are starting to be understood. In fact, there can be alternative splicing of exon 2 of CD19, and that leads to an altered CD19.



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