November 27, 2015

Sylvester Researchers Use Powerful Screening Tools to Identify New Cancer-Inhibiting Compound
Health Canal – Nov. 25
Two researchers at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa also contributed to the work. 

ASCO University® Offers Resources for Palliative and Team-Based Care
The ASCO Post – Nov. 25
“I was privileged to work with Paul Jacobsen, PhD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center, both as members of the ASCO cancer-related fatigue guideline panel and the subsequent ASCO University course on Cancer-Related Fatigue,” said Gary H. Lyman, MD, MPH, FASCO, FRCP (Edin), of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. “[In the course,] we attempted to provide practical recommendations for identifying and evaluating patients with cancer-related fatigue.”

Lung Cancer Community Can Learn from Breast Cancer Progress – Nov. 24
Thoracic surgeon Dr. Jacques Fontaine at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa believes there is a well-marked path to improving the stubbornly high mortality rate for lung cancer. 

Cancer Unawareness
Lab Manager – Nov. 24
In a commentary on the study, Drs. Daniel Anaya and Makenge Malafa of H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute in Tampa, Florida wrote that while the findings indicate what can be done to increase pancreas cancer survival rates for everyone, it is limited by “a lack of information on factors that may determine whether a person's cancer can be operated on,” according to the Reuters story.

Prescient has US cancer trial funding
The Mercury – Nov. 24
A phase 1b/2 trial of the compound in combination with current standard of care is also underway in patients with recurrent or persistent platinum resistant ovarian cancer at the H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Florida.

Race, geography associated with resection rates in pancreatic cancer
Cancer Network – Nov. 24
In an associated editorial, Daniel Anaya, MD, and Mokenge Malafa, MD, both of the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida, wrote that efforts targeting the delivery of pancreatic cancer care are likely to have more impact in the short term than other interventions.

Community of Courage
WFLA – Nov. 22
Moffitt Cancer Center is launching community of courage to show patients they are not fighting alone.

Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Rituximab + Lenalidomide Promising as First-Line Therapy
Oncology Times – Nov. 22
For the Phase II study of 38 patients, researchers at four medical centers—Weill Cornell Medicine/NewYork Presbyterian, Moffitt Cancer Center, the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center, and the University of Chicago Medical Center—conducted the study between July 2011 and April 2014.

Melanoma Drug Approval
Bay News 9 Nov. 20
Doctor Randy Shuck goes in depth now to learn more about melanoma and this new treatment. Joining me now is Dr. Jonathan Zager director of regional therapies at Moffitt Cancer Center.

Five signature building projects driving Tampa Bay forward
Tampa Bay Times – Nov. 20
Moffitt McKinley Outpatient Center:
Spreading the Moffitt brand in the cancer war
What it is: A new $88 million outpatient facility for cancer care.
Why we care: Moffitt epitomizes a home-grown service provider at the top of its game in a field near and dear to everybody: Fighting cancer. Moffitt says it has a $2 billion impact on the Tampa Bay area.

Managing IRAEs is Paramount in Testing Checkpoint Inhibitors – Nov. 20
Physicians are well up to the task, noted Jeffrey S. Weber, MD, PhD, in his presentation on the topic of IRAEs at the 20th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Neuro-Oncology (SNO). “None of this is outside the realm of physicians’ experience in the academic setting, or even in any setting,” said Weber.


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