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Style Guide & Media Visitation Policy

Style Guide:
The institution’s full name is H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. However, the preferred style for our institution on first reference for external communications is Moffitt Cancer Center. On the second reference and thereafter, Moffitt is the preferred proper name. Please avoid using abbreviations or incorrect styles that are often used but not preferred or endorsed by Moffitt, such as The Moffitt, MCC or Moffitt Cancer Center & Research.

Media Visitation Policy:
Journalists are welcome on the campus of Moffitt Cancer Center. We can host individual reporters or crews in any of our clinical or research areas, and assist with coordinating interviews with Moffitt faculty, team members, volunteers and patients.  We do ask that all journalists first contact a member of our media relations team to arrange a visit. This will allow our team to alert security and expedite any special request.  A member of our media team must meet and escort all journalists while on campus.

We have strict rules regarding patient confidentiality and consideration. Therefore, we must have consent forms signed when journalists visiting Moffitt use names or photos of patients.