You Helped Give Otis Courage

OtisAs an investment management professional, Otis spent a lot of time driving. He thought this was the cause of his chronic back pain. But after a car accident, he went to have his back checked out — and discovered the actual, terrifying cause of his pain.

“They found a tumor at the base of my spine,” he recalls.

It was Hodgkin Lymphoma, a cancer of the blood. And it had progressed so far that doctors feared that Otis had been diagnosed too late.

“By the time they found it, it was already out of control,” Otis says. “It was affecting my organs.”

But at Moffitt, Otis found a team that was ready to fight for him — and offer hope and comfort. Hope, because they knew just what they were doing. And comfort, because they took the time to explain it.

“When they first diagnosed it, my doctor was candid about how serious this was. But he said there were ways to deal with it, and he explained every step. They answered all of my questions, and they were extremely responsive — even when I wasn’t feeling well, and I would call with a question late at night.”

Looking back on his battle, Otis says, “Moffitt gave me courage, because they gave me confidence. It’s a lot easier to be courageous when you have a good partner. Moffitt is that partner.”

You were also a partner in this fight. Through your support, you helped give Otis courage. And your gifts help empower so many other people in the battle for their lives. Thank you for your generosity.  

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