Beth: When She Felt "Out of Whack"


Thanks in part to you, Beth is a cancer survivor and stronger than ever.

The owner of a CrossFit gym, Beth was an athlete who pushed herself hard. Then, for no reason, she began having a strange feeling of déjà vu. She experienced unusual smells and tastes. Her vision started getting blurry. 

She didn’t want to interrupt her training for an upcoming competition for symptoms that didn’t make any sense. But when they got worse, she had no choice. 

She saw a neurologist, who referred her to Moffitt Cancer Center. The diagnosis? A brain tumor. It almost knocked Beth off her feet. She was only 33 and fit as could be. But she decided to fight. “I made a promise to myself,” she says, “to act like myself instead of a person with cancer.”

She put her trust in her doctor, and had surgery to remove the tumor. “I know that Moffitt is one of the best,” she says, “so I was in good hands.”

Just a few weeks later, Beth was back in the gym. Only this time, with a new partner — her surgeon. “He had me upside down doing handstand pushups,” Beth says, “and he said, ‘Go ahead, you’re fine.’” 

Today, Beth is back to training and competing the same as before, and that’s because of your generous support for the breakthrough treatment here at Moffitt Cancer Center. Your support helps these amazing, lifesaving treatments continue.

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