This Mom Survived Breast Cancer, Thanks to Moffitt — and You

AmberWhen you meet Amber, you can’t help but be struck by her positive attitude.

"I’ve always looked at the glass as half full, to get me through," she says.

Amber has had some dark days to cope with. Thankfully, she could count on friends like you to help ‘fill the glass’ for her, through your gifts to Moffitt Cancer Center.

It was a little over a year ago that Amber was diagnosed with breast cancer. "There were five different lumps," she says. "They were all biopsied. They all came back cancerous."

For her treatment, Amber had originally chosen a hospital closer to her home in Indian Harbor Beach, on Florida’s east coast. But she felt she was not being treated as a priority, so she began to look elsewhere for her care.

"A friend had gone to Moffitt, and she had wonderful things to say about her experience,” Amber recalls. “So I chose Moffitt — and it was the best decision I ever made!

"From the moment we pulled in, we were as happy as we could be. Everyone there cares so much, and everyone is trying to help you.

"That was a very warm feeling to get,” she adds. “At the time I really didn’t know what I was up against, but I knew that there were people there who could take care of me.

"My doctor, Dr. Kiluk, was just wonderful. He explained everything so well. He made sure I understood everything he and his team were talking about, what their treatment plan was. They also asked if I had any other ideas, instead of just telling me, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’ I really liked that.

"I had my surgery the day before Thanksgiving,” she continues. “And it was the best Thanksgiving I can recall. They did an amazing job, and they removed all the cancer. Just knowing I was cancer-free ... it was awesome."

In January, Amber went back to Moffitt for her follow-up treatment: four rounds of chemotherapy to ensure that the cancer would not return.

"I feel wonderful,” Amber says today. Her peace of mind is even more profound because currently she’s focused on caring for a daughter with her own serious health issues. "You get what you get, and you deal with it," Amber says. "What I went through actually makes me a better caretaker for my daughter. You have to be positive."

Friends like you help Amber keep her chin up. Through your gifts, you helped stop her cancer in its tracks. You helped provide the compassionate, personalized care that saved her life. On top of that, you offer hope to many others who come to Moffitt to win their battle against cancer.

"Moffitt is such a wonderful place," Amber exclaims. "I can’t sing their praises enough. When you’re somewhere where you know everyone is the best of the best, it takes a huge weight off your shoulders."

Thank you for helping to lift that weight — for Amber, and for so many others facing cancer.

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