Patty: “I’m still fighting!”

Patty’s courage in her battle with cancer comes from you!!

Patty has been battling cancer for 10 years. First, it was breast cancer. She got her diagnosis just four months after her sister was diagnosed. It was devastating.

“I thought I’d taken the hit and gotten past it,” Patty says. Then a few years later, she developed an odd pain in her side. Her doctor urged her to get an MRI. “Having had breast cancer probably saved my life,” she says. “Otherwise, they might never have found the tumor on my pancreas.”

That’s the thing about pancreatic cancer. It often goes undetected because there are so few symptoms. Her oncologist sent her to Moffitt Cancer Center.

It turns out, the tumor was too close to an artery for surgery. So, Patty had chemo and radiation to shrink the tumor before she had the operation.

Then, a couple years ago, Patty was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, along with spots on her lungs and a tumor in her throat. 

But even that’s not enough to get her down. “I believe you can train every cell in your body to be positive,” Patty says. “I’m still fighting.”

What courage! Thank you for standing beside cancer patients like Patty with your generous support for the breakthrough treatments at Moffitt.

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