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Dr. Hoffe and Tiffany
Tiffany with radiation oncologist Dr. Sarah Hoffe.

Your support of Moffitt Cancer Center is an inspiration. You are helping us develop some of the newest cancer-fighting breakthroughs and bring the highest level of personalized care to our patients.

I hope you will choose to make another gift to Moffitt. You will once again show people facing cancer that they can count on you.

These are people like Florida neighbor Tiffany.

Tiffany and her husband were overjoyed to be expecting a baby. But early in her pregnancy, Tiffany began experiencing pain and fatigue. As the months passed, it grew worse. She consulted her gynecologist, who made a terrifying discovery: Tiffany had advanced cancer — a huge tumor.

Tiffany Riley Right away, Tiffany came to Moffitt. “My circumstances were unique,” she says. “I had a rare form of cancer ... and I was pregnant.”

Tiffany’s physicians at Moffitt put together an aggressive plan of radiation and chemotherapy to destroy the cancer — but the treatment would have to wait. First, Tiffany needed to have her baby.

Just three weeks after she learned she had cancer, Tiffany gave birth to Riley Alexis, a beautiful, healthy daughter.

Now, Tiffany was ready to fight — and at Moffitt she had everything she needed to win.

“I felt completely taken care of at Moffitt,” Tiffany says. “Every need I had was met, and they have people on site for everything — counseling, pain management, diet — everything.”

Please help bring this high level of personalized care to someone else like Tiffany. You will let people with cancer know that they are not alone.

I hope you will choose to help. Your gift will help save lives and bring us closer to a future without cancer.

Thank you again for your commitment to fighting cancer.

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