Fight Cancer with Green Tea

Nagi Kumar
Nagi Kumar's study explored using catechins found in green tea to prevent prostate cancer in men who were at high risk.

Could green tea become a powerful player in the fight against prostate cancer?

Thanks to you, we’re about to find out. A team of Moffitt scientists, led by Nagi Kumar, Ph.D., Director of Cancer Chemoprevention, recently conducted a promising study. The researchers discovered that green tea could play a potentially important role in the prevention of the second most common cancer among men.

Green tea contains catechins — antioxidants already known to have many health benefits. Dr. Kumar’s study explored the effectiveness of using catechins in preventing prostate cancer in men already determined to be at high risk. The patients had either been diagnosed with pre-cancerous symptoms, or shown early indications of actual cancer.

For a full year, the patients were given decaffeinated green tea capsules — high in many catechins, including a particularly powerful one called EGCG. What the researchers discovered was intriguing.

While there weren’t significantly fewer cancer cases in the overall group that took the green tea capsules, Dr. Kumar’s team did observe a reduced rate of cancer development in those men who had been diagnosed with pre-cancerous symptoms.

Additionally, the men who took the capsules had a reduced level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA), a biomarker that at high levels indicates an increased risk of prostate cancer.

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