Cancer Treatment Studied at Moffitt Offers New Hope for Lymphoma Patients

Your support powers this stunning advance in cancer research. It promises to save countless lives.

With your generous donations driving our pioneering research, we’re thrilled to tell you that Moffitt Cancer Center is playing a critical role in a new lifesaving therapy.

It’s called CAR-T. Expected to receive FDA approval later this year, this revolutionary treatment reprograms the body’s T-Cells to seek out and destroy cancer. It could save tens of thousands of lives from lymphoma, a deadly form of cancer. 

With the direction of our own Dr. Frederick Locke and his team, Moffitt was among the first to offer this new treatment to clinical trial patients. “It puts a GPS navigation on the front of the cell,” Dr. Locke says. “So when they’re infused back in, they know where to go to kill the lymphoma.”

This advancement has proven successful, as many Moffitt patients receiving this therapy remain in remission more than a year later. Your support helped make this breakthrough possible. 


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