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It was 11 years ago when Pam felt something was wrong. But breast cancer? Never crossed her mind. 

When her shoulder started aching, she thought it was strain from the time spent at her computer running her executive-recruiting business. So she went to her doctor, who referred her to an orthopedist. The x-rays showed nothing. Pam got a cortisone shot and was sent home.

Her shoulder got worse. It hurt so bad she could barely move it. She went back to her doctor and got an MRI. The results shocked them both.

Pam’s bones had holes in them — visible holes. “When I saw those images,” Pam says, “I just broke down.” A bone marrow test showed that breast cancer had spread to Pam’s bones and bone marrow.

Working with her oncologist, Pam started on chemo. After six months, she went into full remission. “From that moment on,” Pam says, “I treated my cancer as nothing more than a chronic disease.” 

Her remission continued for five years, and her positive attitude never dimmed, even when her cancer returned. 

When one of her doctors moved to Moffitt, Pam began coming here for treatment. Currently, her doctors are adjusting her chemo for a small nodule in her liver. “It was tiny — that tells you how fast they found it,” Pam says. “This is just a bump in the road.”

Pam realizes she’ll continue to be treated for cancer, and she’s happy to be with Moffitt. She loves her doctors and nurses and the positive atmosphere.

“You learn to live with cancer,” Pam says, “and you go on with your life. I can do anything anyone else can do. I live my life to the fullest.”

And your support is helping her do exactly that — thank you!

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