Because of Your Support, Sabrina’s Rare Cancer Met Its Match at Moffitt

A wife and mom, Sabrina was raising her four boys and loving life. Then she started seeing unusual flashes. “I didn’t think too much of it,” she says. “I’d always gotten regular eye exams.” But it continued. And she developed a blind spot. 

So, she went to an emergency clinic, and they found an ocular melanoma.  

Sabrina had radiation treatments in Wisconsin to eliminate the tumor in her eye. But 15 months later, her worst fear came true: cancer spread to her liver. At that point, it’s deadly. But Sabrina took action, which led her to Moffitt Cancer Center

“I emailed Dr. Jonathan Zager at Moffitt,” Sabrina says. “He said, ‘I think I can help you.’”

She and Dr. Zager tried a new therapy offered in a clinical trial. “I had this five times last year,” Sabrina says. “And my liver is healthier now than it was a year ago.”

The hope is that Sabrina’s tumor will stay small. In the meantime, she’s doing great. “In three weeks,” she says, “I’ll see my oldest graduate from high school — which I thought would be an impossibility when I was diagnosed.” 

She credits Moffitt and your support. “Every cent that’s donated is helping me see another day of my child’s life.” 

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