A Deadly Tumor Threatened Floyd’s Life


It was a visit to the dermatologist that turned Floyd’s life upside down.

He had gone to have a mole examined. “It had been there for years,” he explains. “But, I started to notice some changes to it.” 

Floyd’s doctor ordered a pathology report. The very next day, Floyd’s phone rang.

“It was my dermatologist,” he recalls. “She told me it was melanoma.” 

Floyd was stunned — and the more he found out, the more worried he became. “I learned that fewer than 20 percent of the people who have had a tumor of the type and nature I had lived five years,” he recalls. “It startled me.”

With no time to lose, Floyd’s dermatologist arranged his surgery at a hospital near his home in Sarasota.

“We felt very grateful for what she did,” Floyd says. “But we had heard really, really good things about Moffitt Cancer Center. My wife, Kimberly, was adamant that we go there. We felt that Moffitt was the best place to be.”

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Floyd recalls when he and his wife first came to Moffitt. “From the time we drove into the facility, from the valet to the people who checked us in, it was like we were family.”

He was especially impressed with his surgeon, Dr. Vernon Sondak. “I’ll never forget it,” Floyd says. “He had a speaking engagement on the day of my surgery, but he said to me, ‘No, that’s going to have to wait. We’re going to take care of you.’”

Floyd had his surgery. Then he and his family waited - hoping and praying that all of the cancer had been removed. Given the type of melanoma Floyd had, it seemed his ordeal would not end so easily.

Yet, the weeks turned into months, and repeated tests showed no sign of cancer! Months became years, and the regular visits to Moffitt continued to bring good news.

Recently, Floyd celebrated a major milestone. “We went to Moffitt five years to the day after my surgery, and Dr. Sondak told me I now had survivor status. When we left, we felt like we could truly exhale.”

Floyd sums it all up. “Moffitt saved my life. By the grace of God, and the hands and minds of the people at Moffitt, I’m cancer-free today!”

Not long ago, Floyd sent an email to Dr. Sondak with several questions about his cancer — questions that in the rush of events he never had an opportunity to ask. Floyd was overwhelmed by Dr. Sondak’s response.

“It was more than I ever expected,” Floyd says. “He took the time to answer every concern, every question, and just proved to us once again just how exceptional Moffitt is.”

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