A Clinical Trial Changes Everything for Pam

Pamela and Randy
Pamela and her husband, Randy.

When Pam was diagnosed with lung cancer, she knew it was serious. But it seemed she would be able to beat it through surgery and follow-up treatment.

“Initially, they didn’t think it was so advanced,” Pam recalls. During surgery, however, it was discovered that the cancer had progressed further than previously thought. And it was getting worse.

Pam began chemotherapy and radiation. But the cancer continued to grow.

“We looked at a CT scan, and we were both pretty shocked by how much the cancer had spread,” says Randy, Pam’s husband.

The couple began to lose hope. But Pam’s doctor at Moffitt, Dr. Scott Antonia, wasn’t giving up. He told Pam about a promising clinical trial that Moffitt researchers were conducting.

“He told us this was the most promising cancer drug he had seen in the last 20 years,” Pam remembers. “And he wanted to get me into that study.”

Pam entered the clinical trial. Very soon, everything changed.

“Within the third treatment,” Pam says, “the cancer began to decrease and diminish.” As she continued her treatments, she continued to improve.

“This drug has been a blessing, and it’s saved my life,” Pam says. “Dr. Antonia is brilliant. And it was wonderful to be at Moffitt, a hospital where everyone is so attentive and knowledgeable, and you know that you’re getting the best you can get.”

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