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Dr. Hoffe Moffitt

Your support of Moffitt Cancer Center is an inspiration. You are helping us develop innovative breakthroughs in cancer research and showing people facing cancer that they can count on you. 

People like Tiffany. Tiffany and her husband were thrilled to be expecting a baby. But early on, Tiffany began experiencing pain and fatigue that progressively grew worse. Her gynecologist delivered the shocking news: Tiffany had advanced cancer. 

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Your support has impacted so many patients and their families. Learn more about how you’ve touched their lives.


"I can do anything anyone else can do."

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Cancer Research

New Approach Transforms Treatment for Brain Cancer

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"It’s clear that [Moffitt] is a place for healing."

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Together we can change lives today.


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We’re all in this fight together, and we’d be honored to have your help. Getting started is easy and the rewards are endless. Help us get closer to a cure.


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