Celebrating Bold Ambitions


They’re at the very core of how Moffitt Cancer Center was created. One man, one big idea — just 35 years ago.

It started with founder H. Lee Moffitt and his vision to create a National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center in Tampa, Florida. And today, Moffitt is world-renowned. Bold ambitions are an implied part of the conversation – big, forward-thinking ideas that stretch the imagination and fuel our ability to help cancer patients everywhere. 

Your support allows us to push those boundaries, explore the unknown, bring hope to those who thought that all was lost.

On behalf of our patients and our Moffitt family, THANK YOU. And we hope you enjoy a look back at all that we accomplished together in the last year.

An image of Moffitt CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu.


With your support, Moffitt raised more funds in 2021 than at any other time in its 35-year history to support cancer research, the patient experience and capital projects. We received remarkable gifts from Benefactors like the Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, whose generosity is helping to bring Moffitt patients an important new treatment modality — proton therapy. The Pentecost Family Foundation made a transformational gift to support multiple myeloma by establishing a new research center aimed at curing the disease by 2031. And Helen Rich has supported the creation of a spiritual retreat at the new Moffitt McKinley Hospital, providing a respite for patients and families.

All of our donors, at every level, are helping us to move the needle in finding new cures and prevention strategies. Your support makes so much possible, and the whole organization has the deepest gratitude.

PATRICK HWU, MD, President and CEO, Moffitt Cancer Center

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An image of Maria Muller, Foundation president.


from individuals, corporations and foundations, leading to the Moffitt Foundation’s most successful year ever.

The funds raised impacted every aspect of the cancer center’s mission and helped to create awareness of Moffitt’s exceptional research programs and patient care.

We consider our donors essential partners in achieving our vision of dramatically reducing cancer deaths. And as you’ll see from the inspiring stories to follow, you truly have been the best partners we could hope for. In the pages to come, you will read about lives saved, families kept intact and hope inspired for the future.

We achieve so much more together, and it is our pleasure to thank you for your loyal and steadfast support and friendship.

MARIA C. MULLER, Foundation President, Chief Philanthropy Officer

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At Moffitt We Value

Nationally respected champion of efforts to address diversity, equity and inclusion in our workforce and in our relationships with our patients.


Highest score ever – that’s the score Moffitt received in 2021 as the only National Cancer Institute-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center based in Florida and one of only 52 in the country.

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people are employed across three campuses and three affiliated programs, with three million sq feet devoted to research and patient care.


individual patients were served at Moffitt in 2021, resulting in more than 563,000 outpatient visits.


Internationally recognized for cell therapy treatment and production, using the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Bold Ambitions


$15 Million Gift to Help Build Proton Therapy Center

Richard M. “Dick” Schulze looks for impact, zeroing in on those things that are changemakers in the world of cancer treatment. For the founder and chairman emeritus of Best Buy, the creation of a Proton Therapy Center at Moffitt Cancer Center was an intuitive fit.

Proton therapy is a unique form of radiation therapy that is particularly beneficial for patients with tumors located in sensitive anatomical areas. Its advanced precision destroys tumors while not harming vital structures such as the brain, head and neck, thorax, breast, gastrointestinal and genitourinary regions. And with its location at a preeminent research institution, Moffitt is uniquely placed to meet the increased patient need for this important therapy and develop refinements that will contribute to the next generation of proton therapy — impacting patients everywhere.

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From left, Moffitt Founder H. Lee Moffitt and Moffitt Benefactor Dick Schulze.
From left, Moffitt Founder H. Lee Moffitt and Moffitt Benefactor Dick Schulze.

A World
of Impact

BOLD AMBITIONS take bold moves.

At Moffitt Cancer Center we’ve translated that to something called Prevention and Cure Workshops. President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu is challenging Moffitt clinicians and scientists from more than a dozen cancer care programs to clearly identify the most promising research projects in each specialty. This unique approach allows us to intentionally focus our resources – including charitable support – on some of the biggest challenges and opportunities in developing new treatments and prevention tools aimed at curing cancer.

Moffitt Leads

Our accomplishments begin with you! Your generous gifts are allowing Moffitt to lead, to advance beyond the hypothesis to provide our patients with the latest treatments and greatest hope.



Moffitt continues to be one of the world’s leaders in the research, production and treatment of new cellular therapies – with lung cancer now a prime target.



Moffitt is bringing a long history of health equity research to bear on aggressive cancers that adversely impact all vulnerable populations.



Moffitt’s exceptional patient outcomes often exceed national averages. Our collaborative approach is centered around the patient and family.

An image of donors Richard Staley and Jayne Goetze.
Richard Staley and Jayne Goetze

Cell Therapy Steps Out As Next Important Tool to Treat Lung Cancer

Pinellas Partners Member Takes Action After Immunotherapy Talk

Richard Staley was paying close attention when Dr. Amer Beg spoke in February 2021, and he hopes his story inspires others to get involved.

Staley attended a Moffitt Pinellas Partners talk by Beg that featured the cancer center’s latest advances using cellular therapy to help the body’s immune system fight lung cancer. Beg’s engaging presentation impressed Staley so much that the Pasadena, FL, resident and lung cancer survivor sought to learn more about the work. As a result, he generously donated $1 million to fund this vital research.

Staley then donated an additional $2 million to support Moffitt’s Lung Cancer Cell Therapy Working Group after spending more time with his own Moffitt oncologist, Dr. Ben Creelan, and Moffitt President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu learning more about new cell therapy research underway.

Bringing together scientists and physicians, the working group uses a team approach in the development of research and treatment for lung cancer – and it’s capturing national attention as the next important tool in the treatment of the disease. “It looks like a fresh approach to cancer research,” shared Staley. 

I think everybody should realize the importance of how close all the cancer research people are in coming up with actual breakthroughs. We should maybe open our wallets a little more because cancer is all around us.

Richard Staley Flavor House Inc. Founder

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Images of donors Victor Young and William Gholston.
Victor Young and William Gholston

Changing the Paradigm for Blacks/African Americans Facing Cancer

George Edgecomb Society Supporters Drive Research, Community Outreach

The year 2021 began with a master play by Tampa Bay Buccaneer and Super Bowl champion William Gholston, who dealt a major blow to cancer health disparities. Gholston gave a generous $225,000 gift to support research funded through the George Edgecomb Society (GES).

Momentum continued as GES received a $500,000 commitment from Moffitt Medical Group Board Vice Chair Victor Young. Gifts from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dr. Michael Vogelbaum and Ms. Judith Rosman via the TOP Jewish Foundation will fund community outreach and education. These and other gifts of every size help the cancer center to build on its long history of groundbreaking research in cancer health disparities.

Named in honor of Hillsborough County’s first African American judge, GES helps accelerate health equity research and provides impactful education and community services that seek to change the paradigm among Blacks/African Americans, Latinos and other vulnerable populations facing cancer.

GES has funded nine grants since 2017 totaling $625,000 for research focused on ensuring equitable health outcomes and eliminating health disparities. 

Health equity research benefits our society as a whole. We have heard the very familiar saying that 'a rising tide lifts all boats.' This applies to health equity research as well. This research benefits our entire society.

Dr. B. Lee Green Senior Member, Health Outcomes and Behavior

Learn more about the George Edgecomb Society >
Bar graphs that show Moffitt patient outcomes.

Exceptional Patient Outcomes Often Exceed National Averages

Moffitt Is The Only Cancer Center to Publish Its Patient Outcomes

One of Moffitt Cancer Center’s bold ambitions when it opened in 1986 was to create clinical programs that address site-specific cancers – from research to treatment. With scientists and physicians working side by side, this intense focus has resulted in patient outcomes that often exceed national averages. 

“I want our supporters to know that their support is having this dramatic impact,” says Maria Muller, Moffitt Foundation president. “Because of their gifts, so many of our patients spend more time with family and see their children grow and marry. It is precious time that they might not have had.”

For patients for whom the standard of care will not work or hasn’t worked, we offer hope through research and clinical trials. And that’s particularly evident in the survival rates among people with advanced stage cancers... they tend to survive longer than the national average.

Dr. Dana Rollison Chief Data Officer and Associate Center Director of Data Science

Learn more about Moffitt's patient outcomes >

Bold Ambitions


$10 Million Gift from Mark and Cindy Pentecost Aimed at Curing Rare Blood Cancer

Mark and Cindy Pentecost set their sights on an audacious goal in 2021, when they donated $10 million to establish a research center at Moffitt Cancer Center dedicated to finding a cure for multiple myeloma.

The couple became supporters of the cancer center after the It Works! founder received life-changing treatment for his own battle with the rare blood cancer from Dr. Rachid Baz, director of clinical research in Moffitt’s Malignant Hematology Department. 

The Pentecost family’s latest gift is aimed at finding a cure for multiple myeloma and establishing a new standard of care for patients. The newly formed Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center at Moffitt will facilitate cutting-edge translational research, leveraging expertise from across the cancer center to make significant progress within the next 10 years.

Foundation staff worked closely with multiple myeloma physician scientists to develop the donor proposal. This process provided inspiration for a CEO initiative called Prevention and Cure Workshops, which aims to define strategic goals for each disease area and compelling narratives to attract donors, industry alliances and federal grants.

Learn more about the Pentecost Family Myeloma Research Center >
A group image of donors and Moffitt leadership.
From left, Moffitt Foundation President Maria Muller, Cindy Pentecost, Mark Pentecost, and Moffitt CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu.

Dr. Baz and the whole team, their knowledge is second to none. They made me a great believer in Moffitt, and I wanted to be a pioneer who could help.

Mark Pentecost, Founder, It Works!

of Support

BOLD AMBITIONS take many hands.

And that’s why our community of support is so important at Moffitt Cancer Center. Hundreds of thousands of individuals – from the Tampa Bay region and well beyond – are fueling our ability to explore new ideas and ultimately develop new lifesaving treatments.

In the last year, you walked, ran and bicycled, and pledged your support so that our cancer patients and their loved ones can have hope – and more time together. Thank you!

Gifts Supported 6 Key Areas

Numbers reflect calendar year 2021.

As I look back on this challenging year, I am so impressed by our Moffitt family of supporters who have stood with us and helped bring hope to the thousands of patients who continued to seek care at our facilities.

Maria C. Muller
Foundation President, Chief Philanthropic Officer
An image from Miles for Moffitt race.

Moffitt Community Continues to Move for What Matters

Miles for Moffitt Combines In-Person and Virtual Experiences for a Great Cause

The 16th annual Miles for Moffitt event marked the return of our in-person experience after pivoting to a fully virtual event in 2020 due to the pandemic. With protocols in place, more than 7,000 eager Moffitt supporters joined together virtually and in downtown Tampa on Nov. 20 to raise $1.25 million for lifesaving cancer research at Moffitt—the highest number of participants ever!

This year marked Dr. Hwu’s first ever Miles for Moffitt. To honor our patients and supporters, Moffitt’s rock band The ReMissions opened the event with a lively performance that inspired everyone present. In addition, The ReMissions team raised over $200,000!

In 2021, AutoNation, the largest automobile retailer in the United States, served once again as presenting sponsor of Miles for Moffitt for the sixth consecutive year. The AutoNation employee team raised $73,000 to benefit cancer research at Moffitt.

We are so grateful to everyone who joined us to move for what matters – love, courage and finding the cures to cancer.

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Images of donors and doctor.

Advancing Cancer Research Through Science and Friendship

Moffitt Researcher and Childhood Friend Join Forces to Advance Immunology

VoLo Foundation founders David S. Vogel and Thais Lopez Vogel are continuing their investment in childhood friend and Moffitt researcher, Dr. José Alejandro Guevara-Patiño.

Growing up in Venezuela together, two childhood friends have become visionaries in their fields. “Cancer, just like climate change, is a global crisis,” said Thais Lopez Vogel. “We need to talk about it and treat it with urgency. The good news is they both have a cure.”

Guevara joined the faculty at Moffitt Cancer Center as a senior member in the Department of Immunology and as a member of the Immuno-Oncology Program. His research focuses on identifying signaling cues that can be exploited for the benefit of cancer patients receiving T cell-based immunotherapy. The VoLo Foundation generously donated $200,000 to advance Dr. Guevara’s promising work and improve patient outcomes.

Read more about Dr. Guevara-Patiño’s work >
An image of donors Mary and John Blake.
Mary and John Blake

Providing Hope for Difficult-to-Treat Breast Cancer

Generous Gift Supports Clinical Trial

When Mary Blake was diagnosed with HER2- positive breast cancer, she sought out and found the best possible care at Moffitt Cancer Center with Dr. Heather Han.

HER2-positive breast cancer can be difficult to treat, as tumors tend to grow faster, are more likely to spread and have a higher recurrence rate. Blake learned from Dr. Han and department chair Dr. Brian Czerniecki about a clinical trial aimed at improving survival using a vaccine made from a patient’s immune “helper” cells.

Dr. Czerniecki’s team developed the clinical trial with the goal of reversing resistance to HER2 therapies and improving survival of women with stage IV cancer. They created a vaccine containing an exponential number of a patient’s own Th1 (immune helper) cells to produce a “fighting force” against the disease.

Blake, her husband John, and their three sons felt drawn to support this trial with a generous $250,000 gift, providing hope for patients with metastatic disease — and a potential treatment option for Blake should she need it in the future.

An image of donor Eileen Curd.

Sarasota Luncheon a Virtual Success

Community’s Impactful Annual Event Keeps Supporters Engaged and Informed

There is always one important headliner at the Sarasota Moffitt Cancer Center Luncheon every year — the caring generosity of the Sarasota community.

And while the event looked a little different in 2021 to keep everyone safe, the luncheon was held virtually in April with the theme of Mission Possible: New Therapies to Treat Cancer. The event featured Dr. Patrick Hwu, Moffitt president and CEO, and Dr. Jason Fleming, chair of the Gastrointestinal Oncology Department.

The online experience encompassed many of the beloved aspects of the annual luncheon — from education to special patient stories to donor recognition. The Moffitt Foundation sends thanks to every guest who tuned in to support the event, which raised more than $232,000 for life-saving research and care.

Our community came together once again, even in these challenging times. We felt it was important to continue to raise awareness and money for research at Moffitt.

Eileen Curd Committee Chair and Foundation Board Member

Learn more about the Sarasota Luncheon >
Logo image for Florida Blue Foundation.

Partnership Promotes Health Equity

Program to Train Providers on Improving Care for Diverse Populations

Culturally competent care is critical to addressing health disparities.

That’s the powerful concept behind the partnership of Moffitt Cancer Center, United Way of Broward County and Orlando Health. The trio received a $2.5 million grant from the Florida Blue Foundation to develop a program for training medical providers to better care for patients from diverse communities.

The goal is to improve health equity in Florida by transforming care. Moffitt and its partners will develop a rigorous, evidence-based curriculum, which will be used by providers to train and empower other health care professionals across the state.

Over a four-year period, Moffitt will help develop a Cultural and Linguistic Competency Educational Curriculum and also oversee its implementation by training the trainers first in our own region and later cascading throughout the entire state. Each trainer who completes the curriculum will have the resources needed to return to their organization and train their colleagues.

With this groundbreaking program, Moffitt will continue serving as a leader in promoting health equity, empowering individuals in our community to reach their full health potential while also driving the national conversation around achieving broad scale equity in our diverse and populous state.

Logo image for Canopy Cancer Collective.

Moffitt Joins the Canopy Cancer Collective

Partnering to Raise the Bar in Pancreatic Cancer Care

Moffitt Cancer Center has been selected to be one of 14 centers to join the Canopy Cancer Collective, a learning network of leading cancer institutions that share best practices in cancer care. This patient-centric model creates a better cancer journey for patients, increases physician and patient satisfaction, and improves outcomes. The first network was founded to help patients live beyond pancreatic cancer.

Moffitt has been awarded a $500,000 grant to participate in the pancreas collective. Drs. Sarah Hoffe and Pam Hodul are the co-leads for the project at Moffitt. Current highlights include a project evaluating the baseline learning preferences of patients so that relevant content can be personalized to each patient at the appropriate step of their treatment course as well as a streamlined data platform to improve care coordination.

The Canopy network is a very comprehensive program designed to truly enhance the multidisciplinary care of patients with pancreatic cancer.

Dr. Sarah Hoffe Section Head of Gastrointestinal Radiation Oncology
An image of check presentation.
Tommy Dallenbach, fifth from left, celebrates with Dr. Patrick Hwu, fourth from left, family members and friends.

REO Speedwagon Rocker Supports Rare Genitourinary Cancer Research

Family and Friends Start Fund to Honor Bandmate’s Son Who is Now Cancer Free

In 2017, Tommy Dallenbach faced one of the biggest battles of his life — a fight with cancer. At the age of 18 he was diagnosed with testicular cancer after finding a lump in his testicle. Now four years later, Tommy is cancer free.

To show their appreciation to Moffitt Cancer Center, Tommy’s father, Bruce Hall of REO Speedwagon, partnered with the Celebration Exotic Car Festival to raise $76,000 for cancer research. The REO Speedwagon Fund for Rare GU Cancer Research will promote education and spread awareness to young men about the disease to inspire early detection.

Tommy hopes this fund will spark conversations among young men and their loved ones when they feel something is off with their bodies, so actions can be taken as fast as possible.

Learn more about Tommy’s story >
An image of leaders from the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation.
NPCF co-founder Melissa Dunkel and CEO David Frazer.

Bringing New Light to Pediatric Cancers

Consortium Focuses on Less Toxic, More Therapeutic Treatments

The National Pediatric Cancer Foundation (NPCF) has donated more than $1 million over the last year to the Sunshine Project at Moffitt Cancer Center. The Sunshine Project is an innovative business model focused on eliminating pediatric cancer. It unites scientists from 30 research institutes who are committed to developing less toxic and more effective treatments for children with cancer.

The effort draws on some of the nation’s top doctors and researchers to develop clinical trials and test drug combinations to find a faster cure for pediatric cancer. NPCF has donated more than $30 million to research and has funded 30 projects. 

We collaborate to idealize and aggregate the best scientific ideas and fund innovative research to expedite promising treatment options into clinical trials.

David Frazer CEO of NPCF
An image of cyclists.

Pan-Florida Challenge Propels Prevention

Event Draws Hundreds to Ride in Support of Moffitt

We’re all pushing toward a cure, and in the case of Pan-Florida Challenge, it’s on bicycles! At the 2021 Pan-Florida Challenge Cancer Ride, hundreds of participants raised funds for Moffitt Cancer Center, biking together in rides that started in Tampa and Fort Myers and ranged from 10 to 200 miles.

“Supporting such an important cause like cancer prevention is why we work so hard at what we do and why so many cyclists are inspired to ride with us year after year,” said Jeri Goetz, executive director at Pan-Florida Challenge.

Pan-Florida Challenge brings together cyclists of all ages to celebrate survival or honor a loved one.

Learn more about Pan-Florida Challenge >
An image of early board leadership at Moffitt.
Terrell Sessums, seated at center, was a founding board member.

Planned Giving

Remembering Terrell Sessums

Founding Board Member Leaves Estate Gift to Moffitt Cancer Center

Long-time Tampa lawyer and former state legislator Terrell Sessums left a lasting impact on the community he loved, having been a lifelong public servant and philanthropist. Sessums was Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives (1972-1974) and was instrumental in the founding of the State Fair Authority, the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority, the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission and the Tampa Sports Authority.

And he left his mark at Moffitt Cancer Center, too, where Sessums served as a founding board member from 1984 to 1991. He generously left an estate gift to the cancer center upon his passing in June.

He was truly proud of being part of the founding board. He felt very highly of the cancer center.

Richard Sessums Son of Terrell Sessums
An image of donors James and Dale Powasnick.

Planned Giving

A Legacy of Shared Vision to Revolutionize Cancer Care

Donor Chooses Moffitt from Hospitals across the United States

When James Powasnick was diagnosed with a type of blood cancer called lymphoma, he knew he’d be in good hands at Moffitt Cancer Center. Powasnick’s long career at Kronos, a multinational workforce and management provider, helped him gain insight into the inner workings and reputations of cancer centers across the country. “With his professional knowledge and experience with hospitals, Jim chose Moffitt for his cancer treatment because he believed it to be the very best hospital at treating cancer,” shared Priscilla McAuliffe, trustee of the Powasnick Trust.

Powasnick struggled with recurring bouts of cancer for more than a decade, but he responded so well to treatments that he and his wife, Dale, continued to live full, adventurous lives. That is one of the many reasons why the Powasnicks decided to leave a generous gift of nearly $1.8 million to Moffitt in their estate plans. “Both Jim and Dale directly benefited from cancer research, and through this personal experience, they understood the tremendous value and critical importance of cancer research,” explained McAuliffe. Their planned gift will help fuel groundbreaking cancer discoveries at Moffitt and ultimately impact treatment options for our patients.

Learn more >

Bold Ambitions


The DeBartolo Family Foundation Makes Lasting Impact on Moffitt Research

Eddie and Candy DeBartolo invested early on in cancer research at Moffitt Cancer Center – long before personalized medicine became an everyday term and even earlier before there was genuine hope for new treatment options for advanced lung cancer.

Now marking their 20th year of generous giving, the couple established the DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute in 2012 at Moffitt to revolutionize the discovery, delivery and effectiveness of cancer care on an international scale. And that they have, as their gifts have led to new discoveries and treatments that have impacted the Tampa Bay community and well beyond.

“Because of research and clinical trials in institutions like Moffitt, cancer is no longer a death sentence,” said Candy DeBartolo, a lung cancer survivor. “Ultimately, we share the same goal, to do all we can to help discover cures for cancer and inspire hope for people.”

An image of donor family.
The DeBartolo family from left, Lisa, Tiffanie, Nikki, Candy and Eddie.

We feel blessed to have Moffitt Cancer Center in our backyard and applaud their commitment to fighting this disease through research and treatment

Edward J. DeBartolo


Moffitt Benefactor Creates Space for Those Seeking Solace and Rejuvenation

While visiting the Moffitt Cancer Center McKinley campus for breast cancer treatment, Helen Rich watched the new Moffitt McKinley Hospital taking shape across the street with intrigue. Inspired by its mission to serve the community with world-class cancer care, Rich was drawn to the idea of creating an area of non-denominational respite for patients and their loved ones. With a gift of $5 million, the Helen Rich Spiritual Retreat is now an integral part of the building’s construction plans. Rich knows that spirituality is particularly important for patients dealing with life-threatening illness from her experience as a cancer patient, and it translates to her passion for rescuing and rehabilitating animals.

“Animals are part of my spiritual life” explained Rich. “Relationships with animals help people to recognize the interconnectedness of all life and to promote compassion. This awareness is the foundation of my life, and I know Moffitt Cancer Center shares the same set of values.”

The new surgical hospital will meet the cancer center’s critical need to serve additional patients. Moffitt anticipates a 65% increase in new patients by the year 2030 and a 33% increase in cancer surgeries. The 10-story facility will expand state-of-the-art surgical services to include specially outfitted robotic rooms, as well as intraoperative MRI and CT within operating rooms for ease of use. This spectacular setting provides a wide variety of opportunities for philanthropists who share our vision and want to get involved.

Learn more about the future of Moffitt >
A photo montage of donor Helen Rich and illustrations of new hospital.
Clockwise, from top left, Helen Rich with her dog Peaches, the main lobby of the new hospital, and The Helen Rich Spiritual Retreat.


Pasco Property Will Create Life Sciences Destination

You can never accuse H. Lee Moffitt of thinking small. His dreams were big in 1978 when he first envisioned a cancer center for Tampa, Florida, and 35 years after Moffitt Cancer Center opened, we are still striving for greatness.

In February 2021, the cancer center announced the purchase of a 775-acre property in nearby Pasco County. Moffitt will be the first cancer center to create a massive research and corporate innovation district – a life sciences destination for the world. Moffitt President and CEO Dr. Patrick Hwu quickly began meeting with biotech companies and other potential partners interested in the venture.

Bigger than downtown Tampa, the Pasco campus will significantly expand Moffitt’s footprint to include over 16 million square feet of research labs, light industrial and manufacturing, general office and clinical space. The multiyear, multiphase project will create an estimated 14,500 jobs.

Learn more about the Pasco campus >
An aerial image of the new Pasco County project.
Images of Moffitt Foundation leadership.


Ed Droste Steps Down as Moffitt Foundation Board Chair, as Rose Baker Reilly Takes the Helm

The Moffitt Cancer Center Foundation had a changing of the guard in 2021, as longtime board member Ed Droste stepped down as chair of the Moffitt Foundation Board of Directors, and Rose Baker Reilly was named to the post.

Droste served an incredible 12 years as chair, helping the Foundation to raise more than $300 million between 2009 and 2021. Baker Reilly joined the Foundation Board in 2018, has served on several committees of Moffitt’s Board of Directors, and helped to lead the search for the cancer center’s new CEO in 2020, which led to the appointment of Dr. Patrick Hwu.

The Moffitt Foundation extends warm appreciation to both for their generous dedication and commitment.

we close our 2021 Impact Report thinking of you.

Your support has planted seeds, nurtured big ideas and brought bold ambitions to life. And with those successes, your gifts have inspired hope in hundreds of thousands of patients and families — and most importantly helped to save lives.

Thank you.


Your donations help fund powerful cancer-fighting programs.
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Moffitt continuously strives to follow the highest standards of operational quality, transparency and accountability. That is why we welcome you to learn more about us at Moffitt.org/WhyGive.


If you have questions about donating, or would like to learn more about making an impact, please contact our team of gift officers at the Foundation at 1-800-456-3434, ext. 1403 or FoundationInfo@Moffitt.org.