Reason to Give- The Real Reason for My Plate

Cancer touches all of us, no matter where we come from or who we are. Emerald, a cancer survivor wanted to do something to help. She got her license plate to support research at Moffitt to help fund cancer research. Now, she and her family are spreading the good news about Moffitt with every road trip.

Through prevailing research, we’ve been able to make a mark on cancer research. Here at Moffitt, we’ve contributed to powerful solutions for treating cancers for over 30 years. Help us drive cancer research for patients like Emerald by purchasing a Moffitt license plate. One hundred percent of the proceeds go to support cancer research.

“Amazing people like you give patients the determination to continue our fight!" - Emerald

Lifetime of Giving

Emerald hasn’t let an adrenal cancer diagnosis stop her from a lifetime of devoted giving. Read more about her here. A registered nurse, mother and caregiver she’s determined to fight for others. She is proud owner of a Moffitt license plate and is a strong supporter of Moffitt and its mission to contribute to the prevention and cure of cancer.

Now, you have a chance to drive cancer research through the purchase of a Moffitt license plate.

Helping Patients Like Emerald

At Moffitt, our value in patient care, research and education has put us ahead of the curve. Find out more on how you can get a license plate to further support our research initiatives.