Naming Opportunities

We are deeply grateful for the generous support of every donor to Moffitt Cancer Center. To recognize your philanthropic investment in our mission, we are proud to offer naming opportunities as a way you can become part of our past and future, honor or memorialize a loved one, or commemorate a special occasion in a thoughtful way. 

What kinds of recognition opportunities are available?

Moffitt offers many highly prominent and attractive naming opportunities throughout the institution, beginning with gifts of $25,000 and above. These include: 

Jon Gruden, Cindy Gruden and H. Lee Moffitt
Jon Gruden, Cindy Gruden and H. Lee Moffitt were on hand for the opening of the Gruden Huddle Room at the McKinley Outpatient Center.
  • Facilities namings – Iconic Moffitt spaces such as campuses, buildings, clinical floors, lobbies and waiting rooms, patient or exam rooms, research labs, and more. Facilities namings may include unrestricted gifts to name existing spaces or capital expenditure gifts to name spaces requiring privately-funded renovation or construction. 

Examples of named facilities at Moffitt include: the Vincent A. Stabile Research Building; the Gruden Huddle Room; and the Morsani Patient and Family Center. 

  • Unit namings - Institutes, centers, departments, projects, and program areas within Moffitt. 

Examples of named units include: the DeBartolo Family Personalized Medicine Institute; the Donald A. Adam Melanoma and Skin Cancer Center of Excellence; the Don & Erika Wallace Comprehensive Breast Program; and the Boerger CMML Clinical Trial Project.

  • Endowments – Endowed funds, which exist in perpetuity at Moffitt, may be named, automatically bestowing that name upon the award or honor that the fund makes possible. Learn more about the incredible potential of endowments here.

Examples of named endowments at Moffitt include: the Michael McGillicuddy Endowed Chair for Melanoma Research and Treatment. 

Coming soon! We are excited to announce that Moffitt is expanding our current donor recognition program to meet the growing needs of our donors across giving levels. In honor of your commitment to us, we are working on new and engaging ways to highlight our donors’ dedication to Moffitt and share your stories in a meaningful way – so your living tribute can be seen and inspire the patients, families and team members that your philanthropy is helping. 

We are thrilled to share our new donor recognition program with you soon! 

Kathleen Luzier-Bogolea Kelly Gicale David Curry

To hear more when our expanded donor recognition options are available, or for more information on available naming opportunities, please contact Kathleen Luzier-Bogolea, Kelly Gicale, or David Curry at 813-745-1403 or

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