Our Most Valuable Player Is You

Alan ListDear Friend, 

One of Moffitt’s greatest strengths is our team approach to fighting cancer. I want you to know that you are a very important part of our team. 

It is through your support that Moffitt scientists attack cancer on many different fronts — working together, sharing information and quickly translating new findings into improved treatments that produce better outcomes for our patients. 

When it comes to those patients, you also play a vital role. From our doctors, to our award-winning nurses, to our entire support staff, your gifts help support a team that provides the best and most personalized patient care possible. The result is a comforting environment that offers patients and their families hope. 

This is why you are such an important part of our team. In a very real way, you are the most valuable player. 

You spur on our researchers, driving them to make new discoveries. You partner with our staff to offer the most compassionate, lifesaving care to people in the fight of their lives. 

You, or perhaps a loved one, may have come to Moffitt to fight cancer. Or you may never have set foot within these walls. Either way, I want you to know how important you are to this team, and how much we appreciate your support. Thank you so much for helping to save lives, and for fighting alongside us to end cancer forever. 


Alan F. List, M.D. 
President and CEO